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This is KCDN, an Environmental Management, Economic Empowerment and Poverty Eradication Civil Society.

We welcome you to our site. Kindly feel free to share with us your thoughts. Ideas that add value will be appreciated. Ideas that want to make us improve our physical environment will be welcome. And more so, ideas that redirect us from the lost cause will be of immense value.

It is us who will improve the lot of our Environment, our Economy and make Kenya a Clean Country, where People join hands to work for our own Economic Emancipation and where Municipal Solid Waste Management is looked at as a resource, not as waste.

We need to set the standards in this region of the World and become the referral point in how a people can join hands and work for their own Economic Liberation, where waste can be used as raw material and become a source of employment for our people.

Our collective actions will surely make a difference. This is why in partnership with our Key Strategic Partners- The Public Service Transformation Department, the National Environment Management Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation,other key Ministries, the Local Authorities in Kenya, the Provincial Administration, A Better World, Akiba Uhaki Foundation and other Partners, we are moving deliberately in sensitizing and mobilizing Kenyans to work towards A Clean Kenya where waste is separated at source.

And this is why we are inviting Kenyans to join with us in The Clean Kenya Campaign and be a Member of Kimisho Sacco Society Ltd


Odhiambo T Oketch,
Team Leader & Executive Director,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Email; komarockswatch@yahoo.com, kimishodevelopment@gmail.com
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Official Launch; Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign


I must start by appreciating your commitments to making Kenya a Clean Country. It starts with us cleaning our immediate neighbourhoods as a team every 4th Saturday of the Month.
Clean up campaign in Mombasa
We were very excited by the support we continue to receive from Friends of Kenya in this drive. We are now organizing to have this Initiative Officially Launched in Mombasa on the 26th February 2011 and again, I must give my sincere appreciation to Mohamed Warsama, Rajabu, Mohammed Hersi, Titus Kangangi, Yasmin, Hussein and all the Friends who are keeping in touch with us in this National Drive.
We have been in touch with several teams in Mombasa and I am impressed with the response. They are eager, willing and able to make the day a success.
To enable us start our planning, sensitization and mobilization process, we want to invite our collective support with this process. We need your support to make this a reality.
We need your support with mobilization process and to also help us meet our costs of meetings, transport and accommodation as we take this message across Kenya.
We believe that we have all that it takes and that we will all play our part in our neighbourhoods across all Kenya to ensure that this becomes a people driven Initiative every 4th Saturday of the Month.
Thank you and God bless us all. A Clean Kenya starts with YOU- ME.
Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi
Nationwide Coordinator - Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nationwide Clean-up; Thank you Kenya

We want to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to the many Kenyans who volunteered their services last Saturday during our 1st ever Nationwide Clean-up Campaign in Kenya. Thank you for turning out in your various neighbourhoods and for making the day a success.
We are specifically appreciative of the Provincial Administration across the Country for their support and in particular to the Langata DC, Kibera DO and Sarang'ombe Cheif for their support and participation during the Clean-up in Kibera.
Members of the Kibera Youth Consortium responded to the Nationwide Clean-up Campaign in their numbers on 22nd January 2011 along Kibera Drive
We want to appreciate the City Council of Nairobi and more specifically Mr. Duncan Miheso and Mr. Kogi for their mobilization, support and participation in Kibera. They brought in the machines that helped us remove all the garbage that has been piling along Kibera Drive just before the Law Courts.

We want to appreciate Cllr Charles Atula, the Chairman of the Environment Department for his support and participation both at Buru Buru and at Kibera Drive.
We want to appreciate members of the Kibera Youth Consortium who turned up in large numbers under their Chairman Mr. Olum Chunya and his Executive Team. They made work easy.
We want to appreciate members of the Peace Committee from Kibera Division for their presence and participation.
We want to appreciate the Branch Manager KCB Migori for the support he gave us with the mobilization in Migori.

We want to thank the various Councils that turned out and made the day a success.
We want to thank the Royal Media Group for the interview they conducted with Mzee Orinda Ndege- our KCDN Environment and Peace Ambassadorall across Kenya and for their Live Links with us on the ground along Kibera Drive for the One O'clock News on Saturday 22nd January 2011.
We want to thank K24 TV for their coverage of the Clean-up, Pamoja FM, Ramogi FM and Citizen Radio for their support and interviews on the same.
We want to thank Mzee Orinda Ndege for joining us as our KCDN Environment and Peace Ambassador. We will work with him and all the forgotten victims of the Post Election Violence to preach True Peace all across Kenya.
Lastly, we want to thank the staff members of KCDN and our partners who made all this happen. We need to make special mention of our Chairman Mr. Rashid Juma of Mugumo Communications Ltd and Ms Janet Ongera of Green Fingers International. We really appreciate the support we received from the following people;
  1. Green Fingers International- Ms Janet Ongera-Kshs 20,000.00
  2. Mr. David Gatimu- Kshs 2,000,00
  3. Mr. Kohogo- Kshs 2,000,00
  4. Mugumo Communications Ltd- Mr. Rashid Haron Juma- Kshs 15,000.00
  5. Mr. Peter Ngoge- Kshs 1,000,00
  6. Ms Petronila Nafula- Kshs 1,000.00
  7. Mr. Steven Onyango- Kshs 1,200.00
  8. Mr. Isaiya Bwana- Kshs 400.00
  9. Mr. SN Mwangi- Kshs 400.00
  10. Cllr Charles Atula- Kshs 2,500.00
  11. Ms Rose Kagwiria- Kshs 1,000.00
  12. Mr. Lee Makwiny- Kshs 300.00
  13. KCB Migori Branch- Hosting partners from Migori County
Peace and blessings as we look forward to the next Nationwide Clean-up Exercise on 26th February 2011.

Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi
Nationwide Cordinator - Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ms Brigitte Frey supports KCDN

Following our appeal to friends of KCDN to help us settle the issue of our office as reported in March 2010, Ms Brigitte Frey has once more stepped forward and sent us Kshs 39,000.00.
In September 2010, she had also sent to us Kshs 155,900.70 to help support us. This makes her the single largest Individual Friend of KCDN and on behalf of all of us at KCDN, I want to say; Thank you.
There are some deeds that defy words. Such are the times when we cannot express our gratitutde so eloquently. Such are the times that we go on bended knees and give thanks to God for giving us such a Friend.
She has also graciously accepted to sit on the KCDN Board and we have no doubt she brings in added advantages in our drive for a better and cleaner Kenya.
We pray to God for the full life of the Frey Family and for their continued support.
Peace and blessings to all Friends of KCDN.

Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi
Tel; 0724 365 557, 0735 529 126

Monday, January 10, 2011

Creating partnership with Kibera Youth Consortium

We had a consultative meeting today with the leadership of Kibera Youth Consortium at Kibera in the afternoon. The leaders were drawn from the 8 units of Lindi, Makina, Laini Saba, Sarang'ombe, Nairobi West, Karen, Mugoine and Langata and they were joined by their Council of Elders.
From KCDN, Florence Kanyua, Phyllis Wanjiku, Hesbon Mariga, Dennis Nyakundi and Paul Oyugi accompanied me.

Our focus of discussion was how we will partner in the Environmental Clean Up Campaign and how through our partnership with the Banking Institutions, we can drive the Economic Empowerment Campaign Programme. We will also engage in lots of Civic Education as we mobilize for the Clean-ups.
This is the beginning of a Great Transformation for the Kenyan people in our drive against poverty, tribalism and ethics that do not add value to us as Kenyans.
We pray that we will all play our parts to make the process a success.
Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi

Get well soon Prof Nyongo

Prof Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, our Minister for Medical Services is admitted at the University of California San Francisco, Mount Zion Medical Centre undergoing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy.
He had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi. I want to sincerely wish him good health and a speedy recovery.
With that said, I want us to look at Kenya in the 21st Century with regard to medical services. 50 years into our Independence, we have no known medical capacity to address even small ailments. Our political leaders are known to be flown out to foreign hospitals at our expenses for even cases of flu.
The only exemption we had last year was when our PM, the Rt Hon Raila Odinga was admitted at Nairobi Hospital and he came out of it with lots of humour. How I wish I can get a replay of how he described his condition in a forum at the University of Nairobi!
We do to unclog our systems, both in the streets and in hospitals
Kenyans must rise up and demand that we address our medical reach. The government recently came up with increased contributions to the National Hospital Insurance Fund and we had some loud mouths led by Mr. Francis Atwoli, the long time Secretary General of Cotu making all sorts of noise. He sits at the NHIF Board and it seems he was always out of the country or asleep when such weighty matters were being discussed at the Board level.
Time has come for us to support our able Minister for Medical Services to help deliver a Health Scheme that will benefit all Kenyans in Kenya. It is very sad that tax payers money is always being spent to give our political leaders access to better health in foreign hospitals when such moneys can be used to advance schemes that could avail affordable health care to all Kenyans regardless of your status.
It is also sad that in our health facilities Doctors work as if they do not care about the value of human life. They are ever complacent and in most cases, they are absent. You will meet long ques in our hospitals at a time our Doctors are busy playing golf.
It is also sad that our Doctors give preference and more attention to the patients who pay the most, who have medical schemes that can help them issues hefty bills or to the political class for expedience.
It is no wonder that such cavalier attitudes is what makes our hospitals go without drugs as the Doctors play roulette with the lives of Kenyans. Their interest hence becomes money not life saving.
As we wish the Hon Nyong'o God's gift to life, we must say no to our leaders running away from us whenever they are sick. Where do they think we should go to when we fall sick?
They are benefiting from our taxes, what about us. It is time the political leaders woke up from their stupor and led Kenya. 50 years without any sign of development in the medical front shows that these leaders have nothing to offer Kenyans.
We must roll out our sleeves and vote all of them out of political office in 2012. Let us vote in a team that can deliver for Kenyans within the shortest possible time.
The die is cast and Kenyans are watching.
Pole sana Mheshimiwa.

Odhiambo T Oketch
Komarock Nairobi

Friday, January 7, 2011

Calling on Young Leaders

NYC  and all Young Leaders,
Happy New Year.
I am impressed with the zeal with which you have addressed the issues that affect us as Kenyans in the last year. Bravo for standing firm for Kenya. With that said, I want to appeal to you to embrace the dictates of our constitution on Integrity and leadership. It does not limit good leadership to age.
It talks about the qualities we need and these qualities come through all ages. We have some old wise men as we have some young wise men. We have rotten young leaders who when they open their mouths, the stench that comes from what they say would make you take some leave of absence from your TV set. Similarly, we have like minded old men. But the good thing is, Kenyans have become wiser, and thanks to the campaigns that you have put in place, Kenya will not be the same again.
In as much as some people have dissapointed Kenya and Kenyans, both the young and old leaders have played worrying roles that have made Kenya what we are now. Let us move Kenya to a level where able and good leadership drives our National appeal. Let us not disenfranchise other Kenyans on account of age when it comes to leadership. Let us all join hands and root for able and good leadership, be they young or old. We are all in a transition and at some point, we all qualify to be Youth Alumni.
Lastly, as the young people of Kenya, how happy are we when Kenya and East Africa becomes one big heap of rubbish? When we drive along our highways, young people are busy littering our roads; they drink as they drive, throw bottles and beer cans out of their car windows, show no regard to a clean environment, yet, we want to lead!

This is to motivate all the young leaders into action. Let us not focus only on political power. Let us focus on a Kenya that will be good for us now, good for our children, and a Kenya that we will be proud of when we also become old men.
The time for us to act is now. And what better way can we do it other than by organizing all our activities around Environmental Campaign. I want to count on all the young leaders in our Monthly Clean-up Campaigns in Kenya and East Africa.
We want you to take charge of your neighbourhood. Organize yourselves and join us every 4th Saturday of the Month in Making our Neighbourhoods cleans. Thereafter, organize pep talks on environmental campaigns as well as all civic matters you want to address.
This is our country and we must be proud in making Environmental Campaign our personal issues. We all need a clean environment- let us make it clean.
Have a blessed year as we all join in making Kenya and all of East Africa clean.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
CEO KCDN Nairobi,
PO Box 47890-00100,
Nairobi Kenya.
Tel; 0724 365 557 0735 529 126     
Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch

Odhiambo T Oketch is the current Chairman to the City Council of Nairobi Stakeholders Evaluation Team on Performance Contracting and Rapid Results Management. He is also Chair to the Nyamonye Catholic Church Development Fund.He was also the Co-Chair and Coordinator of The Great Nairobi Walk against Corruption that was held in Nairobi on the 22nd October 2010

Board; Mr. Rashid Juma [Chair], Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch [CEO], Mr. Elijah Agevi, Mr. Gichane Muraguri, Ms Kethi D Kilonzo,Hon Lewis Nguyai, Mr. Oduor Ong’wen, Mr. Lameck Siage, Dr Grace Ongile, Ms Nelly Githaka, Mr. Sam Olendo, Mr. Felix Kibet and Ms Brigitte Frey.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Focus this year at KCDN

Last year was a big success for our programmes at KCDN thanks to our Strategic Partners.
This year, we want to be big, active, relevant and we want to impact on the lives of our members and Kenyans. To this extent, we want to engage in a massive membership drive that will advance our programmes. Besides focusing on Environmental Campaigns, we will engage in a lot of Civic Education on topical issues; Human Rights as captured in the Bill of Rights, Environmental Campaigns, Anti-Corruption, Peace Building, Devolved Funds awareness, Good Governance and the Roles of the Citizens in all these.
In short, we want the people to be able to hold our leaders to account. Secondly, we want Kenyans to see our leaders through their nakedness as they speak to us. This is what will save Kenya, and we want to all enjoin in playing our roles.

We will also focus on Economic Empowerment to enable our members be economically independent. We can only do this through a structured membership. We have structured the membership forms which you will coordinate for us at your various Counties.

We are in discussions with more Strategic Partners and I want each one of you in your various Counties to recruit 2,000 members that we will be working with. We will organize County Visits to all our Partners and we will be sharing in communications all the times. We request that you become active to enable us have a nicely coordinated efforts with all that we are doing.

For the University Students, please invite me as soon as you have organized yourselves. You need to take the lead for the Kenya we want.

Our focal point will be the Monthly Clean-up Campaigns which we will host every 4th Saturday of the Month for only 2 hours. This will be a voluntary exercise and we want to invite all our members to take active leads in organizing the clean-up campaigns in your various Counties.

We have designed official letters of engagement with the Local Authorities inviting their support and participation. Just give me the address and I will send the letters to you for delivery to the Town Clerks in the various towns.

You may call me on 0724 365 557 in case you need further clarifications.Once you are ready, please call me and we will make a visit to launch our programmes with you in your County. But in the meantime, let us mobilize for success.

The bottom line; this is our country and nobody will liberate us from bad governance, impunity and corruption if we do not take the first active steps. And 2012 is not far off. We want to make some informed changes amongst our members, and this we hope will be reflected through the multiplier effect to all Kenya.

We are counting on you for the success of Kenya. Peace and blessings as we start on this serious campaign.

Lastly, for ease of communication, please join friendsofkcdn@yahoogroups.com

Odhiambo T Oketch,
CEO KCDN Nairobi,
Tel; 0724 365 557, 0735 529 126,
Email; komarockswatch@yahoo.com
http://kcdnkomarock swatch.blogspot. com
http://nairobieastb a.blogspot. com

...moving from talking to tasking.. ...

Board; Mr. Rashid Juma [Chair], Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch [CEO], Mr. Elijah Agevi, Mr. Gichane Muraguri, Ms Kethi D Kilonzo,Hon Lewis Nguyai, Mr. Oduor Ong’wen, Mr. Lameck Siage, Dr Grace Ongile, Ms Nelly Githaka, Mr. Sam Olendo, Mr. Felix Kibet and Ms Brigitte Frey.