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We need to set the standards in this region of the World and become the referral point in how a people can join hands and work for their own Economic Liberation, where waste can be used as raw material and become a source of employment for our people.

Our collective actions will surely make a difference. This is why in partnership with our Key Strategic Partners- The Public Service Transformation Department, the National Environment Management Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation,other key Ministries, the Local Authorities in Kenya, the Provincial Administration, A Better World, Akiba Uhaki Foundation and other Partners, we are moving deliberately in sensitizing and mobilizing Kenyans to work towards A Clean Kenya where waste is separated at source.

And this is why we are inviting Kenyans to join with us in The Clean Kenya Campaign and be a Member of Kimisho Sacco Society Ltd


Odhiambo T Oketch,
Team Leader & Executive Director,
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Incremental Gains; The Kenyans Scenario

In the Year 2002, Kenyans were united as ONE people in voting for change, and in the General Elections of that year, we all voted for Hon Mwai Kibaki as our President.
Kenyans made a very clear choice in uniting against tribalism, corruption, greed, impunity and all that. Kenyans were tired and they needed a leader who could help bring change. During the campaigning period, Hon Mwai Kibaki had had an accident that left him confined out of the field and Eng Amolo Raila Odinga stepped in and upped his game. He bacame the Player Captain and told all our foot soldiers that the Captain was injured but the game could not be stopped. We had to keep playing, and we did win.
Hon Mwai Kibaki was sworn in as our 3rd President in Public and his first speech as our President did not disappoint. He said there will be no more road side declarations and that the time for everything goes was over. He promised Kenyans that he will be the champion of the change we had for so long fought for. And Kenyans believed in him and his promise of hope.
What happened between the Year 2003 and 2007 December is all history.
In the Year 2007, we again went for an Election, and this time around, The Captain was pitted against his Boss, the former Captain. Having deputized for him in 2002 and winning the game massively for him, many Kenyans were of the view that it was going to be pay back time and that Kenyans were going to vote for Raila Odinga. Indeed many did, but the results were contested and the President was sworn in back to office at night and chaos broke out across all Kenya. The result was 1,133 Kenyans killed, almost 600,000 displaced, and lots of property worth Millions destroyed.
Did Kenyans learn anything at all?
I bet not. We are behaving as if Post Election Violence NEVER happened in our Midst.
We are faced with a General Election on the 4th of March 2013 and all signs are that we are going to have a big mess of ourselves. We have gone very Tribal as a People and this is threatening.
Our leaders are daily inciting Kenyans and nothing is being done to rein them in. NCIC has been dead for some time now and Dr Kibinjia lost his voice and then closed both his eyes and ears. He sees nothing and he hears nothing, yet, he is earning a fat salary EVERY Month.
Violence is breaking out across Kenya, even in areas that have been very peaceful, and our Police are behaving as if they have no idea of what they should do. Are Kenyans going to be safe if the Police cannot even defend themselves? This is going to be the story- we were overwhelmed, we never saw it coming, we are under staffed, they have superior fire-power....
The Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission is not assuring Kenyans that they are equal to the task ahead and this is worrying.
And the Chief Executive is silent. He is only presiding over functions- today opening this, and tomorrow opening that, yet, the Country is disintegrating under his watch.
We are being prepared for a worse case scenario. And we are all behaving like sheep headed for the slaughter. I want to believe that we can do something as a people.
As we head to next year, can we identify the values we want in leadership? Are we ready to vote in Pimps, Charlatans, Drug Lords, Suspects and Mandarins as our next set of Leaders?
Can we look at each other in the face and smile? Not Grin.
Can we for once decide to be honest with each other? We are a community of 42 Tribes and I do not see anything wrong with one Tribe producing leadership at every election, so long as many of us vote for that leader. But is it moral to buy votes? Is it moral to auction a whole tribe? Is it normal to play deaf with Kenyans at this time in our history?
We were touted as the most optimistic people of the World in 2003, because we had united as a people to vote in Hon Mwai Kibaki as our President, regardless of his tribal affiliation.
The question is, why are we now more tribal than we were before? I was once shocked when we were in a function in some Town and when it was time for News at 9, they switched off the TV when one Presidential Candidate was on the News and switched on once his News slot had passed.
I was shocked and decided to engage those people. I simply introduced myself, bought them around of beer and engaged. At the end of it, we became friends and the following day, they joined with us in a Clean-up Campaign.
One of them has since become a very good Friend of TCKC and he is Preaching Peace and Good Governance pretty well.He realized that we must not be blinded by hate for people we do not even know. How many know Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Kalonzo Musyoka? And if you do not know them, why must you then die for them? Kill for them? Destroy property for them?
In 2002, we buried tribalism. In 2007, we re-invented tribalism and now, we are going to be consumed by tribalism. At The Clean Kenya Campaign, we are very firm on issues of Environmental Management, Peace Building and Good Governance, and we talk without fear on these issues because we firmly believe that our Environment presents us with untapped National Resource- the next frontier for National Development, enough for all of us as Kenyans.
We also believe that when it comes to leadership, we MUST not evoke tribal sentiments and vote for a leader simply because he comes from my community.
We want to invite Kenyans to pause for a moment, interrogate these leaders who are daily preaching tribalism and hate, look back at where we are coming from and make an informed choice.
Are we going to vote for Tribalism, Greed, Impunity, Corruption and Money, or, are we going to vote for leadership based on clear National Values, Integrity, Humility, Peace, Good Governance?
Are we going to respect our Constitution?
Are we going to vote for Kenya, or are we going to set Kenya on FIRE? Remember, we are all equal partners in Kenya.
Look at this Petition and if you are agreeable to its content, sign and help disseminate the same far and wide;http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/removing-the-director-of-environment-at-ccn-from-office.html
Let us Move From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues garbage.
Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Donor Syndrome; most stand condemned.

This article was written on 12th May 2010.

Every so often, many NGOs are on the look out for invitation for proposals from Donors who are keen on funding programmes that fall in line with their missions in Kenya, or their lack of it.
When such calls are made, many people invite experts who know their way with the donors to help make their proposals. Many are very creative. They imagine all sorts of things and develop winning proposals online about programmes that do not exist.
Such groups are the ones who in most cases end up winning the donor confidence; not because they are doing something on the ground, but because they are creative enough and they know their ways with the donor imaginations and as such, they have the confidence of the donors.
Many groups who are actually on the ground struggling to make a difference in our lives are often given regret letters. The donors end up funding phantoms at the cost of reality. And they are given very nice reports which document the kind of progress that would have made Kenya be amongst the League of Nations in the 1st world.
I make these observations from an informed point of view. And as I make this point, I will not condemn all donors as Phantom Driven Enterprises. We have some who actually engage with the people for sustainable and measurable results. They will engage with you and understand what you are doing, what challenges you are facing and help you offer solutions that will take you to the next level.
For this category of Donors, I salute you.
But for the vast majority who fund hotel workshops where reality is never lived, it is time we also took stoke and asked ourselves; what is the driving motive for calling in proposals when a list to be funded has already been made?
Why must you call for proposals when you only want to steal the intellectual inputs from the many brilliant Kenyans who make very nice and moving proposals, when you already have someone in mind to fund?
Being a 3rd world country, Kenya and Kenyans may be desperate for donor support. At the national level, we all know how we have been taken for a ride by donors. We have been given aid that ends up serving the interests of the donors and political elites rather than of Kenya and Kenyans. 46 years down the road, Kenya is in monstrous debt owed to foreign bodies, yet, in the same period, we have received a lot of aid and grants that we see nothing to be proud of as Kenyans.
United for a good cource; The Kondele Clean-up Campaign in Kisumu in March 2012
It was only until the Narc Government came to power did we start seeing some semblance of order. We could talk of the acclaimed Free Primary Education, which was largely funded by the high taxes our Government imposes on Kenyans. This was subsidized to a small extent by the donor community. When they realized that this was going to become a success story, they created phantoms and threw spanners in the works, alleging that some moneys had been stolen. And promptly, some donor driven NGOs came on board to support, not because of facts on the ground, but because there was donor money to be spent.
We saw a lot of donor talk, studies and hotel workshops about cleaning the Nairobi River, and nothing was hapenning until Hon John Michuki moved on the ground and dispensed with studies, workshops and theories. Only then has work been done on the Nairobi River.
We saw a lot of studies, workshops and theoris about the destruction of Mau and nothing was being done until Hon Raila walked on the red carpet to plant trees there.
We saw a lot of donor support for Peace Building initiatives in hotels and workshops as Kenya was burning. And nothing was done until Kenyans of goodwill moved in and started engaging with each other. In the meantime, donors were still funding workshops and party making.
Can this inform us of who these people are and what they stand for? Nothing will move until we move to the ground. Donors will largely remain comfortable addressing seminars and dining and going to the Mara every weekend to watch animals as Kenyans die of dire need.
We have seen massive progress with the expansion of the road networks across Kenya thanks to partnerships with some donors. At the same time, some big chunk of this donor support is funding their own expatriates; people who know very little compared to our own Kenyans. A junior officer from the donor community seconded to the same project is being paid 5 times his Kenyan colleague who knows what is being done. Yet, because it is donor money, we must dance and play to their tunes on the fear of reprisals.
This is the kind of fear donors have instilled on the local CSO sector in Kenya. We are being made to dance to foreign tunes, to music we do not understand, just to secure donor funding. While the elite from the CSO sector, people who do nothing, are being funded to make merry and host workshops where people talk to each other about what all of them know.
I think time has come when we must ask ourselves some heard question. When I have a garden and I want a bumper harvest, do I wait for a donor to come on board before I start tilling my land?
NO. Donor or no donor,
I will wake up every morning and go to my garden.
I will clear the bush in readiness of the planting season.
I will plant in time for the rains.
I will weed my crops and God willing, some will bear fruits and some will not.
Some seedlings will fall on hard rock and will be eaten by the birds,
Some will fall on thorns and will dry up.
But some will fall on moist land and will bear fruit.
Anybody who wants to help me better join me in my farm.
But one thing I am sure about; I will not become creative to win donor support and confidence. The Kenyan in me tells me so, and so be it.
And the Kenyan in me makes me proud to be associated with all Friends of KCDN, people and institutions who have seen our potential and joined us in our garden. You were friends enough to join us in the garden, not to invite us for food at the shopping centre.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
CEO KCDN Nairobi,
PO Box 47890-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Emai; komarockswatch@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Terrorists allegations against Mr. Otieno Sungu

If you read the posts below, you will realize that Mr. Henry Gichaba and Ms Roz Kahumbu have made some very damning allegations. As I make this posting, Mr. Otieno Sungu has presented himself to the CID Headquarters for the alleged allegations to be investigated and action taken.
Mr. Raphael Otieno Sungu is our Director of Programmes and Communication at The Clean Kenya Campaign, an Initiative of KCDN Kenya. And he has been a Friend of KCDN since 2008.
Mr. Sungu went to Ndigwa Primary School, Usenge High School and Kenyatta University graduating in 1997.
Mr. Otieno Sungu leated on the left with Odhiambo T Oketch when we paid a Courtesy Call on Mr. Dan Aghan- the Executive Secretary of the Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture- Mesha.
He was then posted as a TSC Teacher to Shikokho Secondary School in Kakamega in 1997, left Shikokho to join Brookhouse Academy in 1999. In 2000, he joined the Oshwal Schools where he rose to be Head Proctor, before joining the Bearing Point in Southern Sudan in May 2007 as an English Teacher for the Southern Sudan Government Officials in a Programme that was being funded by the USAID.
In 2008, he joined the Deloitte LLC, still under funding by the USAID in Southern Sudan until April 2011 when he resigned and came back to Kenya. From that time till now, Mr. Sungu has never been back to the Sudan.
For Mr. Gichaba to allege that Mr. Sungu has been Training ODM Militia in the Sudan calls for immediate investigations. And in my capacity as The Executive Director of The Clean Kenya Campaign, I am this morning making the following letters;
  1. To Mr. Mutea Iringo- Permanent Secretary Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security at the Office of the President to request that he orders for immediate investigation to confirm the allegations labelled against Mr. Sungu. This letter will be copied to the Commissioner of Police Mr. Mathew Iteere. 
  2. To Hon Prof Peter Anyang' Nyong'o- The Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement and Minister for Medical Services to confirm whether Mr. Sungu is training a Militia for the Party in Southern Sudan. This letter will be copied to the Rt Hon Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya and the Party Leader of ODM Hon Raila Amolo Odinga.
  3. To the Ambassador of the Southern Sudan Government to Kenya to furnish The Clean Kenya Campaign with what role Mr. Sungu played while in Juba.
  4. To the Director General of the Communications Commission of Kenya to take action on this cyber crime and help us track this Henry Gichaba from whatever corner of the World he is writing from. This letter will be copied to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information Dr Bitange Ndemo.
  5. To the US Ambassador to Kenya, to seek support from the Embassy, the CIA and the FBI in tracking this Henry Gichaba who writes from North Carolina in the USA.
  6. To the UK High Commissioner to Kenya to also invite their technical support in verifying these allegations and moreso, invite the Interpol to help us track this Henry Gichaba and bring him to justice.
  7. To the Secretary General of the UN General Assemby, because, the genocide in Rwanda in the year 1994 was started by just such a careless posting. We will be seeking their support to help us arrest Mr. Otieno Sungu and charge him accordingly with Crimes against humanity, and if he is found innocent, to help us take the necessary steps to bring the authors of such alarming allegations to justice.
  8. To all Editorial Directors in the Mainstream Media- to help sensitize Kenyans on Cyber Crime and such careless postings.
The Allegations against Mr. Sungu are very serious, coming at a time when Kenya is facing a General Election, and at a time when prominent Kenyans are facing crimes against humanity at the Hague. We at The Clean Kenya Campaign will subject ourselves to full legal verifications and we are prepared to face the consequences.
Lastly, we have faced these kind of wild allegations before and I did not take legal actions because the perpetrators pleaded with me on account of their old age and we stopped the matter. Again, Ms Roz Kahumbu, a lady who is in her 90s has come up with some allegations which I have also copied below, but which we will not bother with. Her age demands some decency and accuracy and we will not drag her into the Gichaba issues.
Let us Move From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues garbage.
Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya

RE: [KOL] OTIENO SUNGU HAS BEEN TRAINING ODM MILITIA IN SUDAN!           Wednesday, November 28, 2012 6:22 AM

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"kenyaonline@yahoogroups.com" , "uchunguzionline@yahoogroups.com" , "changemombasa2012@yahoogroups.com" ... more

Araap Sungu,
Where's your website so we may read what this Vuguvugu Mashinani is all about? In the past I've said that your outfit is ODM's military wing to cause chaos when Raila loses elections. I still stand by that proposition. This is because you guys have no ideology, nothing for which you stand, nada.
Now listen, you were created to counteract the Mungiki Movement. No more, no less. I know, with impeccable evidence, that you've been training youths in Sudan to cause chaos in Kenya. We have recorded tapes on these. We will be tabling them right on these fora.
Otieno Sungu, tell us what you've been doing in the Sudan! Were you not training ODM Militia?
Now continue attacking Roz Kahumbu as a way to hide your personal intent to cause tribal war in Kenya after 2013 Elections. We caught you.
Mobbi Gichaba, somewhere in the forests of North Carolina.

<rozkah2005@yahoo.com> wrote: Wams, Kuria,Warsama
I've sussed these characters over some time now like anyone else on these forums.
I won't go into any details but my guess is that
it was Rose and Maurice and Co who planned to trick Warsama...to bring him down. Maurice couldn't do it by himself ...so his little gangster group cooked up what they thought was a fool proof plan to fix Warsama.
Rose on weekend off from Garissa and at a loose end in Nairobi was to call Warsama and suggest they meet but Warsama is doing his shopping in a supermarket and busy so invites her to come for a cup of tea..After all he's an investigative journalist and ....he's as curious to see who this woman
who nags him on these lists is as she is willing and intent to lure him into the ODM trap to embarrass him....or worse.He is not aware of the dangerous company she keeps.
MO's mistake was to put out a public appeal for help to finish Warsama which was like toxic maise to the starving ODMers ....and they rallied oflist, making plans like a gang out to raid the jeweler's shop.
Rose's part was to go along with an ODM accomplice to take pics...video the scene. then come out of the shadows when it appeared Rose  needed help...after all ...she's neither  clever enough nor trained to manage the part of a Gangster's Moll alone.. she needed backup which was provided by,  Oto, Sungu,Lee, Alai ODM group.( She knows these ppl well since Sept4th  2010 when VVM was launched and maybe before.)
Check the timing...just on dark when these muggings happen in Nairobi.
Warsama...with the gift of the pen ....is enemy number one to these ODM point men on the internet and in Nairobi didn't realize how vulnerable he was ...like Mig Mig...he needs to watch his back !!
Warsama I hope you have already reported this matter to the police. They need to know, just in case anything happens to you, who your avowed enemies are.
Rose Kagwiria and Company need be searched for that video Maurice is proclaiming and blackmailing you with.
Rose Kagwiria...do not ever make the mistake of calling me again...trying to invite yourself to visit me and handing your phone to Oto.I don't want to know you, your family nor your friends.
No decent,sensible woman would write the stuff you have published here.
And..as a Gangster's Moll...you are just NOT CLEVER ENOUGH.
Kuria, Wams, I'm sorry if Rose Kagwiria is you friend but I 'smelled' her the first time she called me.

Speech from Oto to MESHA

27th Nov 2012
Speech from Odhiambo T Oketch during the Breakfast Meeting for Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture- MESHA, at the Stanley Hotel
Kenya will be celebrating 50 years of our Independence on the 1st of June 2013, and we will be going for a General Election on the 4th March as well. These are great milestones that we must celebrate as a country. They will prove to the entire World that indeed we are a great people and our time on the World Stage has also arrived.
Oto attending an International Workshop at Silver Springs Hotel in Nairobi- running from the 26th- 29th Nov 2012 and supported by Freedom House
In the intervening period, Parliament is going to be prorogued and all hell is going to break loose. How prepared are we to receive this group of men and women amongst our midst?
This meeting hence comes at a critical time and I must thank Ms Farida Karoney and Ms Violet Otindo for the introduction they gave me to this group. I must also thank Mr. Dan Aghan- the Executive Secretary of MESHA and Madam Lorna Nyaga for extending an invitation to me.
As Journalists covering issues of Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture, it must be real tough for you to compete for Prime Time Coverage with other Journalists covering issues of Insecurity and Politics. Because, our Prime Time News is now only awash with Insecurity and Politics, yet, Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture is the next frontier for National Development!
We must say NO and box ourselves in the front as the alternative platform upon which our Nation can be salvaged. Politics has driven us almost down the precipice. We have almost lost our pride just because our politicians are very shameless and they are not afraid that they know very little. If they were smart, Kenya would not be where we are now.
Look at the state of our physical environment; can you be happy traversing the World and holding your heads high that you are a leader from Kenya? Look at how dirty our Towns are, and yet, garbage management has never been rocket science. We are only shifting waste and garbage from one point to another. Dumping has never been an applicable science. Dumping will never solve our current mis-management of waste.
Oto in a Clean-up at Kongowea in February 2012 with the Deputy Town Clerk Mombasa Ms Ngowa and the Director of Environment Mombasa Mr. MS Bilafif
Waste Management, applied well, will create massive employment opportunities for our people. It will help place bread on the Family tables, pay school fee for our children and afford us descent housing. Waste is going to produce the next Billionaire in Africa, but it will not happen by itself. We must engage in practical steps that make waste a Transformative Agenda for this Country as we prepare to vote on the 4th March 2013, as we prepare to celebrate our 50 years of Independence as an Independent Country and as we aspire to realize Vision 2030.
Nairobi is the Capital City of Kenya and by all standards, Nairobi ought to set the standards for all the other Towns. But Nairobi is being let down by lethargic leadership at the Department of Environment at the City Council of Nairobi. Nairobi has a population of almost 4 million people generating 2,400 metric tones per day. The Department of Environment at the City Council of Nairobi has a work force of almost 600 people employed to manage this waste. And they have 8 working Garbage Collection Trucks.
This has made the Council to Contract 20 Private Garbage Collection Trucks at a cost of Kshs 40 Million per month. Is this prudent management of Public Resources, and is this the best way to go about it? I bet not. But because Garbage has become big business, the mandarins managing the Department of Environment at the City Council of Nairobi have realized that the more garbage we have in our streets the more money they make for themselves; not by managing waste, but by competing for Contracts on Waste Management.
This is why we are paying a small cartel Kshs 40 Million every month for not collecting garbage.
I would like to challenge you as I invite you to action. No one will save us from this waste menace, impunity, greed, corruption, hate and opportunism as exhibited amongst us. And Waste Management must present us with the platform upon which we will rally Kenyans to issues that unite us as One People under God, create harmony amongst ourselves and make us vote in leaders, not scavengers.
You must rise to the occasion and help deliver Kenya. Your sphere is the next frontier for National Development and we must rally Kenyans to come together and see the immense opportunities that Waste, Science, Health and Agriculture presents to us as a people.
Who said that we all relegate leadership to political leadership only? We have many cadres of leadership right from the Family Unit, to the Neighbourhood Associations, to the Markets, Schools, Religious, Professionals and all. Yet, we have relegated all these Leaderships and only given prominence to one cadre of Leadership.
From this meeting, we must start asking the hard questions on leadership and juxtapose the same with what Environment, Science, Health and Agricultural Leadership can offer this Country. We must ask how did Dandora happen? And why are we obsessed with endless studies on waste and dump sites?
You are the ambassadors who can turn this Country around. And we must create an Alternative Platform that will inform the voting patterns for Kenyans, devoid of tribalism, impunity, greed and money.
May the good Lord bless you, and may God Bless The Clean Kenya Campaign and God Bless Kenya.
A Clean Kenya is our Dream and we must all work for it in our own ways.
Now, look at this Petition and if you are agreeable to its content, sign and help disseminate the same far and wide;http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/removing-the-director-of-environment-at-ccn-from-office.html
Let us Move From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues garbage.
Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,                                                                                                                         The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC,                                                                                          Tel; 0724 365 557,                                                                                                                      Email; komarockswatch@yahoo.com
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch. blogspot.com
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Facebook;University Students for a Clean Kenya,                                    Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch 
Facebook; Monthly Nationwide Clean up Campaign
Mailing Groupfriendsofkcdn@ yahoogroups.com  

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya

Note;  due to time constraint, I never delivered this speech. I only talked briefly and covered some of the salient issues

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oto Compliant and Mr. John Gakuo for Governor

Two things happened to me over the weekend for which I am happy about.
On Sunday the 25th November 2012, I was the 2,130th Kenyan to Register as a Voter at Komarock Primary School. It means that I now have the power to hire and fire my next elected leader.
Oto going through the 'painful experience'
The 2nd thing was the entry of Mr. John Gakuo to the race of Governor for Nairobi.
Mr. Gakuo will be launching his bid for Governor of Nairobi today, and he brings me hope. I am now certain about 2 people I will vote for.
One, I had long known my Presidential Candidate and at the right time, we shall cross The Bridge in solidarity with him. The second person I know I will vote for is Mr. John Gakuo for Governor. I have watched people struggling that they want to be Governors for Nairobi, and I am not convinced that they have the capacity to lead Nairobi.
Nairobi is not a testing Ground for leadership. It needs tough and tested people. And Mr. Gakuo is the person that can transform Nairobi from the current City in the Garbage to her former glory, and I will vote for him regardless of the Party he stands on. Nairobi does not need rhetorics and theories. Nairobi needs action and Mr. Gakuo is the kind of man with clear determination on what he wants for Nairobi, and he has the nerve to make it happen. The rest are just wannabes.
The Residents of Nairobi remember with nostalgia the reign of Mr. Gakuo as the Town Clerk. He brought order, sanity and leadership to Town Hall, and we have evidence to that effect. Nairobi was on a clear path to regaining her lost glory as the Green City in the Sun.
Again, we all remember the great work Mr. Gakuo and the late Hon Michuki did in Nairobi- the Nairobi River Reclamation, the Tree Plantings and order within the Central Business District. A drive from Uthiru into Town brings the fond memories back- the beautiful Trees lining the road- a sight to behold. This was a huge success. When they left, all things stopped, and the new Team that came in looked so rudderless and definitely did not know what ought to be done. They were simply employees. Not Leaders.
I will not elect Job Seekers. I will vote for Leaders. And in my Presidential Candidate and in Mr. John Gakuo for Governor, I have those leaders. The rest must still convince me that they are not Job Seekers.
Now, look at this Petition and if you are agreeable to its content, sign and help disseminate the same far and wide;http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/removing-the-director-of-environment-at-ccn-from-office.html
Let us Move From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues garbage.
Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mr. James Copple visits TCKC

Today morning, we hosted our Patron to his first ever visit to our offices.
Mr. James Copple was accompanied by Ms Whitney Fry- the East Africa Field Director at Strategic Applications International LLC.
Sungu, Mr. Copple, Ms Fry and Oto
We had made a request to Mr. Copple to become the Patron to The Clean Kenya Campaign, a position that he has accepted with humility. He will be joined by Ms Lornah Rutto- the CEO at EcoPost, who will be the Deputy Patron. The rest of the Team members of The Clean Kenya Campaign are as posted in both our Blogspot and Website with Dr Abraham Korir Sing'oei as the Chair to the Board of Trustees and Mr. Elijah Agevi as the Chair to the Management Board.
Our transformation is now complete and in the Month of December, we will be engaged in lots of planning and strategic meetings in anticipation of the great work we have beginning January 2013 through 4th March, 1st June and into 2030.
We have one clear promise to all Kenyans; we will jointly work for a Clean Kenya kwa vyo vyote vile. So please, play your part in the best way you can.

We are Moving From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues.Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

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The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Engagements with Inuka Kenya, Kuso and Mesha Kenya

We had very fruitful engagements with Inuka Kenya and Kenya University Students Organization this morning at our offices.
Ms Grace Mukunzi and Ms Beth Njuguna from Inuka Kenya were joined by Mr. Gabriel Odhiambo from the Kenya University Students Organization for a brainstorming session at our offices in Hurlingham. Kituo Cha Sheria and PeaceNet sent their apologies. The Clean Kenya Campaign was represented by Mr. Otieno Sungu and myself.
Gabriel and Sungu standing. Beth, Oto and Grace seated
We are crafting a strong partnership that will drive the question of how we manage our Waste as we seek Peace amongst Kenyans and explore the virtues of Good Governance.
Later in the day, we paid a Courtesy Call on Mr. Daniel Aghan- the Executive Secretary of Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture- MESHA, at his offices. MESHA is hosting a Breakfast Meeting with some Journalists on the 27th Nov 2012 in Nairobi
This Breakfast Meeting is supported and organized by Water Capacity Building Network (WaterCap), Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA) and Water Resources Management Authority(WRMA) and is a follow-up on the ‘Media Training on Water and Environmental Reporting’ that was held for journalists in September at the Emboita Hotel in Nakuru.
Sungu, Mr. Aghan and Oto this afternoon
The Clean Kenya Campaign has been invited to this Meeting and we are happy that the Networks we are working with, have the capacity and the potential to create Environmental Management as an alternative Platform other than the daily dose of politics we are fed on as our Country Rots away.
There are several engagements that will be on-going between now and 1st January 2013, and all are geared towards Kenyan Celebrating our 50 Years of Independence as a Clean Country. Then come January 2013, we have a loaded programme across Kenya.
We are heading for a General Election on the 4th of March 2013, and as a Peace Loving People, we must Preach Peace, Campaign Peacefully and Elect persons with proven qualities as our next lot of leaders. And as we celebrate our 50 Years of Independence, we must look back into those 50 years and HONESTLY identify what we have achieved as a Country. We have several half baked projects that are good but they have not achieved much.
Managing this does not need rocket science. It only needs leadership, and leadership abounds in our Communities.
We still have places in Nairobi with no running water.
Electricity is a rare and expensive commodity in Kenya.
Our roads are as dilapidated as those in hell, though we have attempts that have improved some County Roads to super highways.
Our Education Standards are in shambles.
Medicine is unavailable in our Hospitals.
Housing is a crisis in Kenya, and the list goes on.
Yet, our politicians talk like parrots that have been set free from captivity. They operate as if they have just come from Mars. And they operate as if they do not see the massive failures we have around us. We must hence HONESTLY interrogate the last 50 Years and make informed choices as we elect our next cadre of political leaders.
We must also document all the scandals that we have presided over as a Country and look at the cost implication. We will then juxtapose this with the level of development that we have seen around us. If we like it, we will crown it by electing back to office the people who have made Kenya look like a failed State.
We want to be a Clean Country in many aspects and this is our Transformative Agenda for our Country. We must work for a Clean Physical Environment, Clean Social Environment, Clean Economic Environment, Clean Academic Environment and even Clean Political Environment.
This calls for Massive Civic Education on Good Governance, and the Alternative Platform that we are creating will unite Kenyans against Greed, Tribalism, Impunity, Nepotism and make us cherish virtues that unite us as One People under God in this Journey of Hope across Kenya.
A Clean Kenya is our Dream and we must all work for it in our own ways.
Now, look at this Petition and if you are agreeable to its content, sign and help disseminate the same far and wide;http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/removing-the-director-of-environment-at-ccn-from-office.html
Let us Move From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues garbage.
Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Launching University Students for a Clean Kenya

Friends,                                                                                                               We are launching the University Students for a Clean Kenya on the 29th Nov 2012 the same day we will be hosting a Breakfast Meeting with the Health and Environment Journalists. I want the Team Leaders from the Kenyan Universities to write to me for their accreditation. My email address is komarockswatch@yahoo.com                                                     This is going to be a voluntary Platform through which we are going to rally Kenyans back to self esteem as we work towards Cleaning our System. We must believe in Kenya and in our power to re-ignite the Independence Spirit and Aspirations of our Fathers. We must all unite to say NO to Tribalism, Impunity, Greed, Corruption, Big Money in Politics. And we must unite to vote out incompetence and lethargy.                        We must advance Environmental Health and Science as the next frontier for National Development as we seek Peace amongst all Kenyans and pitch tent for Good Governance.    We must look back and be very brave in identifying where the rain started beating us and we must seal all those loopholes that make politics be the centre stage of our lives everyday at the expense of economic development, national building and servant leadership.                                                                                                             At the same time, please look at this Petition and if you are agreeable to its content, sign and help disseminate the same far and wide;http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/removing-the-director-of-environ>nment-at-ccn-from-office.html                                                     Let us Move From Talking to Tasking as we Stay with the Issues garbage.                                                                                                              Let us all work for a Clean Kenya and a Clean Africa as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya. 

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of The KCDN Kenya