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We need to set the standards in this region of the World and become the referral point in how a people can join hands and work for their own Economic Liberation, where waste can be used as raw material and become a source of employment for our people.

Our collective actions will surely make a difference. This is why in partnership with our Key Strategic Partners- The Public Service Transformation Department, the National Environment Management Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation,other key Ministries, the Local Authorities in Kenya, the Provincial Administration, A Better World, Akiba Uhaki Foundation and other Partners, we are moving deliberately in sensitizing and mobilizing Kenyans to work towards A Clean Kenya where waste is separated at source.

And this is why we are inviting Kenyans to join with us in The Clean Kenya Campaign and be a Member of Kimisho Sacco Society Ltd


Odhiambo T Oketch,
Team Leader & Executive Director,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Email; komarockswatch@yahoo.com, kimishodevelopment@gmail.com
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tale of Three Cities- Unep

We paid a Courtesy Call on Unep- Kenya Country Programme this morning at the UN Gigiri and we joined in a discussion with Mr. Henry Ndede and Mr. Moses Mbego on Waste Management in Kenya and beyond. You will remember Mr. Mbego did attend The 1st and the 2nd Consultative Meeting on Waste Management that we hosted at Charter Hall and KICC.
We were also joined by Ms Catherine Mwangi from Merck Millipore East Africa. I was accompanied by our Finance and Administration Officer Mr. Henry Jack K'Ongogo.
This is Nairobi and it is a reflection of our Cities across Kenya
In what is turning out to be a Tale of Our Cities, and this was amply captured by Mr. Ndede, Garbage is running amok. There has been little effort put in place to help manage Waste in our Metropolis. We have only been engaged in shifting Waste and Garbage from one place to the next and calling that Waste Management, and then conferencing a lot on the same.
To help us focus on this, and we will be focusing on the Three Major Cities in Kenya- Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, the Unep Team under Mr. Ndede have developed an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan that has already been shared with Dr Gov Evans Kidero of Nairobi for his intervention. There has also been contact made with Mr. Jack Ranguma- the Kisumu County Governor while plans are in place for a meeting with Gov Hassan Joho of Mombasa.
To help us move this process forward as we celebrate our Silver Jubilee on the 1st June 2013, we want to move with speed and put in place interim measures that will help us remove all the offensive waste and garbage from our neighbourhoods even as we plan for sustainable measures to help handle the same.
We at The Clean Africa Campaign are looking at the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan by the Unep and we will be inviting partnerships that can help implement the same immediately in consultations with the Governors of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.
We will be inviting them to immediately overhaul the Departments of Environment in Nairobi and Mombasa and replace the current teams with teams that will be committed to service delivery and results. The current teams managing waste in Nairobi and Mombasa have developed some thick skins and for them, they would rather the status quo remained. They are busy thinking of 2020 at a time Nairobi and Mombasa need some immediate interventions. They have failed to make our Cities Clean and for them, it is time to ship out, not to shape up. They have failed to shape up for so long.
Kenyans are ready and willing to play their part. We only need Leadership
Secondly, we will be inviting a Stakeholders Forum on Waste Management on the 24th April 2013 at the Unep in Nairobi where the Waste End Users will share on the way forward. These End Users can get in touch with me to enable us plan well for the said meeting.
We will then thereafter invite a meeting with the Waste Collectors to discuss the Way forward. The end result will be a Massive Onslaught on Waste and Garbage in Nairobi in the Month of May that will drastically reduce and/or remove Waste and Garbage from our Streets, neighbourhoods and Road sides.
Lastly, we will be inviting all Kenyans to join in the Process of Separation of Waste at Source. It is surprising that Kenya is spending Billions of Shilling in treating opportunistic diseases at a time when proper Waste Management can actually reduce these costs drastically. We must make clear choices as Kenyans as we move forward.
Our Towns and Cities will not become Clean just by themselves. In Mali, they are harvesting Human urine and making good use of the same. In Kigali, we can all see what focused Leadership can achieve. It will hence need some collective efforts where the professionals will have to stand out and be counted, the Partners will hove to step forward and play their part and the Citizens must rise to the occasion.
In all these, the leadership of the Governors will be put to test. Is it business as usual as we approach the Silver Jubilee, or, can we all join hands in making a difference?
Peace and blessings as we work for a Clean Kenya, a Clean Africa and a Better World.
Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Africa Campaign-TCAC,
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an Initiative of KCDN Kenya.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Governors and The Waste Revolution in Africa

Kenya will be witnessing the swearing in of many Governors tomorrow across the Country. In Nairobi, Dr Evans Kidero will be sworn into office at Uhuru Park in a ceremony that will start at about 10am.
Dr Kidero has promised that he is going to address the question on garbage that has ran amok in Nairobi.
This is refreshing because, waste is such a huge resource that must be tapped into. Many Environmental Managers in Kenya have simply refused to address the question of managing waste on the simple reason that they have massive personal returns in shifting waste from one point to the next.
Garbage in Nairobi
We all now know that Nairobi spends Kshs 40m every month in paying 20 Contracted Garbage Truckers who collect no garbage as they routinely queue for their pay cheque. This Kshs 40m is easy money for the Environment Managers and the Garbage Collection Constructors. It is such a lucrative business that simply lulls all one has read in Waste Management. It places extra bread on the table at a time the Council is unable to pay her employees.
The situation is the same across all our Councils and this presents a sad scenario.
We have refused to invest in human capital, in equipment and in modern waste handling technics, and we have chosen the easy way out; live with the rot as a small team skim the cream.
With the swearing in of this new breed of Managers, we are eager and hopeful that Waste and Waste Management is going to be the next frontier for National Development.
At The Clean Africa Campaign-TCAC, we are ready to work with these new breed of managers to help make a difference. We are developing our next 5 Year Strategic Plan and we are aligning this to the electoral circle, to enable us feed in with the new Governors and their Programmes. We are going to be available to work with all our new Governors and help make our Towns and Counties Clean.
There are various benefits that come with waste, and we will not engage in empty rhetorics where people talk about waste being wealth without actualizing the same. We will want to encourage the Governors to institute the concept of Separation of Waste at Source and enforce the same.
We will be inviting the Governors to register and train all Waste Handlers with the one singular aim of benefiting from the Waste Value Chain- from the generators to the collectors, transporters to the end consumers of Waste.
No. This is not acceptable
The Western World did not just become Clean. Efforts were made towards this and in Africa, we can also make efforts to make Africa Clean.
We must move from being the Dark and Dirty Continent to one of Hope and Imagination. And our New Governors must be men who can dream new dreams for Africa. Not the lost dreams from our Fathers, the dreams that led us to poverty, disease, ignorance, corruption, impunity and tribalism.
Our Governors must dream new dreams that will lead Africa to a new healing process where all will unite in working for plenty, peace and growth.
We must join the Governors in working for cleaner Towns, Cities and Neighbourhoods, and we must all join in the Waste Revolution in Africa.
Peace and blessings as we work for a Clean Kenya, a Clean Africa and a Better World.
Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Africa Campaign-TCAC,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an Initiative of KCDN Kenya.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating Mediocrity of the Kenyan Media

We have come full circle and today, after some thorough soul searching, I want to ask: of what value is the Kenyan Media to Kenyans and the World?
As I was posing this question to colleagues at the office this morning, Wex pointed out to me an article by Clay Muganda, an article which escaped me but one worth reading- An inspiring article worth reading by Clay Muganda...
Now, in the US, sorry to give this reference again, I was so impressed by the CNN Journalists who were able to give us clear projections as Americans went to the ballot in November 2012. Through the Exit Polls, they were able to call the Elections in favour of President Barrack Obama, and they did this in real time. Within minutes of the last man casting his votes, their equivalent of our Dependent Electoral and Boundaries Commission announced Barrack Obama as having won back his seat and with a landslide. The Elections were never as projected by Opinion Polls- too close to call. It was a clear Usain Bolt win, where one can never dispute.
In Kenya, our Journalists were glued to returns as posted by the IEBC at a time when they had the capacity to report on results as recorded from Form 34s across all the polling stations in the Country. As Journalist, it was their responsibility to inform Kenyans on what was going on and on who was getting what where.
That the IEBC could gag the Media on releasing results is something that calls to question the independence of our Journalists and the Media Houses. How can we trust the Media if they can be this easily compromised and restricted?
Was there a Conspiracy of Silence between the Media, the IEBC and the Dark Forces that were hell-bent on turning the wheels of change and reforms backwards? Can we find the Media complicit in the mass electoral fraud that Kenyans witnessed?
I am convinced that our Media Houses need to apologize to Kenyans and the World on their incompetence and sloppy handling of the Kenyan General Elections of 4th March 2013. I am also taking offense that The Standars Newspaper can have the audacity to use my Photo with Chairman Isaac Hassan in todays issue of The Standard at page 7 on a matter that I have no idea about. This is simply professional incompetence which I want to condemn. 
That photo was taken on the 13th December 2012 when we as The Clean Africa Campaign joined in helping to mobilize Kenyans to Register as Voters and it has no relevance to the current situation in which Chairman Hassan has found himself in. To use the same photo now would create the impression that I am also enjoined in the electoral deceit that the whole World is witnessing. I am not party to that and I am having my Lawyers write to The Standard about this.
Lastly, even as the IEBC was releasing what they called Final Results, they read results from all the 290 Constituencies across Kenya. How come no Journalist interrogated this? The best a smart Journalist could have done was simply to play the tapes again and tally the results as they were announced and match this to the phantoms that IEBC posted as their last results.
I accuse the Kenyan Media and our Journalists for taking Kenyans and the whole World for fools.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Africa Campaign-TCAC,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an Initiative of KCDN Kenya.

An inspiring article worth reading by Clay Muganda

An inspiring article worth reading by Clay Muganda.
Early last week, I was asked by a local television journalist if ever there was a person who was as cynical of local journalists as I was.
Call it deliberate memory loss, but I purposefully refuse to remember what remark I had made to elicit that question.
In reply, though, I told him that my cynicism was informed by the fact that I know us, the journalists, the media. I know our strengths and shortcomings in equal measure and I am not afraid to point them out when paeans are sung in our honour or when invectives are hurled at us.
There was no further exchange and I have no idea whether my inquisitor was satisfied or not, but what he did not know was that, for quite some time, I have been asking myself what it is that makes me, us, Kenyan journalists, so fickle, so feeble-minded, so narcissistic that we think the sun rises out of our bedrooms.
If ever there were an exemplification of the Biblical phrase “many were called but few were chosen”, we are it. We are the untouchables, the sharpest pens in the drawer, the best brains that ever came out of Africa.
We cannot stand being told to change direction even when we have been blindfolded by the Government and are being pushed in to an abyss.
You do not have to be an opportunistic foreign journalist to realise that the Kenyan media is not only in bed with the Government, but is also living in a make-believe world where milk and honey flow from diamond-encrusted faucets built by the gods themselves.
The accusations that we numbed ourselves with messages of peace, slept on the job, censored ourselves or preached peace at the expense of justice during the recent elections are neither here nor there. After all most, if not all, of our investments, kith and kin are in this country and we had to employ all means to protect them.
But by numbing ourselves with messages of peace and censoring ourselves, we were just admitting that, ever since the “hostilities” ended in 2008, there has never been peace, that what we have had is just a tinderbox waiting for the smallest spark to explode.
By censoring ourselves, and, by extension, the people, we were conspiring with the Government to hide the fact that, through its lopsided resettlement and compensation schemes, it had failed to foster peace among different communities since the chaos of five years ago.
Instead of being a watchdog, the media has turned into a partner, a collaborator of the Government, a feat which the latter achieved — knowingly or inadvertently — by continuously heaping praises on the former as was witnessed during the recent elections, or with semi-autonomous Government bodies incessantly dishing out awards to the media, so much so that our work is nowadays not for viewers, listeners or readers, but for media awards panelists.
As a matter of fact, the impact of our work is nowadays not measured by how much it has helped change the lives of Kenyans, but by the number of awards it has won.
It is, therefore, not uncommon for journalists to say they are working on stories to be submitted for different awards, or for them to take to the social media and start remarking how a story is so going to win an award even before all of it is aired.
Of course there is nothing wrong with winning awards, aiming to win awards or even being ambitious, but when you are blinded by personal gain and bias and the urge to be ahead of an imagined competition as opposed to informing and educating the public, then you lose focus.
Let us not lie to ourselves, we are doing this country more harm than good and we are not becoming better professionals by continuously patting ourselves on the back, sometimes literally, during live news broadcasts or by attacking those who point out our shortcomings.
We are so fast in casting stones at others but we lack the wherewithal to look within and see that the reports by foreign journalists say more about our low level of understanding of the world around us than about their high standards of journalism, considering that they are called upon and paid more than double our yearly wage to train us for less than a month.
For all the noise that we make about our professionalism and independence, we have never remembered that we do not even have a professional media body or a Press Club where we can meet and share ideas or compare notes.
I will not write anything about the Editors’ Guild, Media Council of Kenya and Media Owners Association.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dictatorship slowly creeping in as we all watch

A few things have been disturbing me, and as is in my nature, I will not keep quiet.
Is Kenya becoming a Police Dictatorship? Why is the Inspector General of Police keen on gagging Kenyans and denying us our freedom to assemble, talk and associate?
We have come a long way with our fight for democracy and reforms. Many Kenyans have been killed in this journey, while many more have been maimed, tortured beyond repair and suffered stints in detention for agitating for change and reforms.
The more garbage we clear, the more garbage we generate.
We have come full circle and going by the results of the last General Elections which have been disputed, many Kenyans care less about reforms and democracy. But we all care about our freedoms.
The Civil Society have effectively undergone a complete metamorphosis and no one cares about the tenets of democracy any more. Many care only about the many hotel seminars that they attend and the attendant perks that come with such lofty engagements.
This is why many issues of Governance and Peace are only held in seminars and in hotels where the people who attend are the same same people who keep meeting about such things. They move to congregate from one hotel to another in different locations and they have largely remained isolated from the common reality.
Who is going to talk for the common man whose rights of speech, association and assembly is now being slowly eroded by the new Sherrif in Town? Is the Sherrif acting within the law when he declares all meetings illegal? Is he acting on behalf of some other unseen face? Or, is he afraid of something we all do not know?
Our agitation for repeal of Section 2A led to the first Multi Party elections where the Professor of Kenyan politics Mzee President [rtd] Daniel Arap Moi won albeit with a slim majority the General Elections of 1992. He again won in 1997 to complete his two terms in office.
During this time, there was acceleration of reforms and the gains we had made were never eroded.
Then in 2002, we all rallied behind Mzee President Mwai Kibaki. We started seeing systemic attempts to erode the gains we had made. The first such attempt was in 2005 when we were saddled with a watered down version of a Constitution which we effectively rejected.
The second such attempt has been the question of the County Commissioners. The Courts nullified their appointments but the Executive Wing of Government simply ignored those orders. They have now ordered the Ministers who won other posts to resign and that will be effected. It does not matter how much noise the Prime Minister may make on this.
We have seen nothing in the form of national healing and cohesion. Jobs have been given out in a manner that left many people wondering where Kenya was heading to. And the constant rejoinder was that people were being appointed based on their competency. Competency hence become the justification. And Kenyans watched with baited breath as some key State Offices become a preserve of competencies from the appointing authority.
We then went through a General Election that was generally flawed in 2007 and Mzee KIbaki reached a common agreement with Raila Odinga and they formed a Coalition Government. They forgot to punish the people who messed the election that severely caused friction between them. 1,133 Kenyans were killed at that time, 600,000 more were uprooted from their homes and property of unknown value was destroyed across all Kenya. And no one has been punished for this! And now, we are being warned not to talk, not to assemble and not to freely associate!
The International Criminal Court is also now realizing how tough it is to deal with the dark forces of impunity.
As we speak, there is a game of cats and mice going on with regard to resettling those who were Internally displaced. I thought these people were displaced from somewhere, and now that we have peace between the then protagonists, people can just happily go back to where they were displaced from.
I bet Kenya is facing more serious problems and the attempts by the IGP are simply therapeutic. I do not want to believe that we have gone full circle and all that we fought for have come to nothing.
It is also good to realize that material wealth has replaced ideals. Many people have at long realized that ideals do not place bread on the table, while money does. Many are hence throwing all caution to the wind in pursuit of power, raw power and money. And with it, Kenya is being saddled with a leadership that will shame the whole country.
Pray, why must we elect journeymen into our Legislative Bodies- the National Assembly and the Senate? What is the problem with us? The gods must be absolutely crazy and they must be dancing on the graves of all those gallant sons and daughters of Kenya who fought for reforms and return to Multy Party Politics.
I really would not want to imagine that the Police are willing to be major players in silencing Kenyans, or, clubbing Kenyans into submission at a time thugs are running amok across Kenya!
Crime is escalating and the Police are looking helpless about it. Yet, they have the audacity to come policing innocent Kenyans whose only crime seems to be Freedoms of association, assembly and speech.
I would want to believe that their hands are tied and they have enough to justify for their existence.
The dark clouds are gathering and everyone seems to be taking off as the Inspector General of Police assumes new powers hitherto not known in Kenya.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Komarock Nairobi

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Africa must rise and shine.

Africa must rise and shine.
We must re-live the dreams of our fathers,
The men who fought for our Independence.
We must rise and make Africa shine.
For so long we have been a Dark Continent,
and now, we are increasingly becoming The Dirty Continent.
Dark and Dirty,
We have Leaders, Leaders who have refused to Dream for Africa.
Our Fathers dreamt for Africa,
Even if their dreams were never realized.
They were dreams.
Do we have dreamers now?
How many of us are dreaming big dreams for Africa?
What with the immense opportunities waste and garbage is presenting us?
Africa must rise and shine,
And we must dream huge dreams for Africa.
Africa must stop being small and intimidated,
Rooming the World with huge begging bowls,
At a time when all wee need is discipline,
Financial discipline to help manage the huge mineral resources we have in Africa.
Africa has enough wealth for all of us,
But she does not have enough wealth for the greed of our leaders.
Routinely we troop to the ballot,
Only to elect thieves, pimps, drug pushers and charlatans,
For our leaders.
Africa must rise and shine,
And we must start respecting the huge human resource we have.
Let us start new dreams for Africa,
Dreams that will see us clean our Cities and Towns.
dreams that will see us see Waste as huge Investment Opportunities.
Dreams that will help clean Africa of ineptness and impunity,
And usher in hope and satisfaction.
We must re-live the shuttered dreams of our Fathers.
We must have our own new dreams for Africa,
Not dreams to entrench impunity, greed and tribalism.
Those are worthless Dreams.


I will wake up every morning and go to my garden.

I will wake up every morning and go to my garden.
I will clear the bush in readiness of the planting season.
I will plant in time for the rains.
I will weed my crops and God willing, some will bear fruits and some will not.
Some seedlings will fall on hard rock and will be eaten by the birds,
Some will fall on thorns and will dry up.
But some will fall on moist land and will bear fruit.
I will win some fights in life and loose a few as well.
But my farm I shall tend,
And my spirit will remain strong.
Anybody who wants to help me better join me in my farm.
For in me I see the new African spirit,
Where love is more professed in abject poverty,
Your will is derailed as you watch.
I will wake up every morning and go to my garden,
For in me I see the new African spirit.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter to Dr Willy Mutunga- Chief Justice Republic of Kenya

Dr Willy Mutunga,
Chief Justice- the High Courts of Kenya,
President- Supreme Court of Kenya,
Republic of Kenya.

Dear Sir,
We have come full circle and now, the ball has been placed in your court. You will either inflate her or deflate her.
Before I address you Sir, we had a galaxy of Election Observers both Local and International in Kenya for the March 4th General Elections. What did they observe? Were they happy with the state of unpreparedness of the IEBC? Were they satisfied that the process of Tallying where declared results were at variance with the posted results was credible? Or they were just on holiday in Kenya and observed non of the above?
But then, I must start by congratulating you, though belated, for your appointment to head the Judiciary in Kenya. Yours was a true Journey of Hope for our Motherland. I remember you in the liberation struggle when you were amongst the few gallant sons of Kenya who were detained for their thoughts and agitation for change and reform. I do not remember any women having been detained, but a few were with us in the trenches in the liberation struggle as well.
You taught Law at the University of Nairobi and many of the current crop of brilliant lawyers went through your class. And truly they honour and respect you for your credentials.
Your entry to the Corridors of Justice has rekindled immense hope on Kenyans that after all, our Courts of Law can uphold the rule of Law and respect the same. You came in at a time when many charlatans and miscreants were confident of running roughshod on the Judiciary. The joke was- why hire a lawyer when you can rent a Judge. And in those days, Judgements were never pronounced with absolute gravity. Judgement was dispensed on a need to know basis and on the weight of ones pocket, never the weight of evidence adduced and corroborated in Court.
This is why I started by saying that we have gone full circle.
We now have absolute confidence in our Judiciary and we have absolute confidence in our sons and daughters dispensing justice to the down trodden. Justice is truly becoming our shield and defender.
The fight for democracy and reforms has also come a full circle. Many of those who fought for reforms and democracy in Kenya have gone different ways. Those who fought for our Independence and bled for our freedom have been languishing in abject poverty ever since, while the Home Guards, those who never believed in the sovereignty of an African took over the reigns of power in many states in Africa. Their rule, or rather, mis-rule bled Africa for many years, in the process, killing some very brilliant names that would have taken Africa forward- The Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Pio Gama Pinto, Joseph Tom Mboya, Josiah Mwangi Kariuki, Ronald Ngala, to mention but a few. These men never died in vain, and their blood is still restless.
A new breed of Africans had to step forward to start fighting for our Second Liberation, now from our own Brothers and Sisters who had amassed all power and affluence, in the process becoming blind to the daily norms of civilization and democracy.
As we clean Garbage from our midst, we must clean our Electoral Process to start respecting the wishes of Kenyans, not the wishes of some hidden faces of impunity in the next room
Kenyans went for an election on the 4th March 2013, and I want to believe that you and your fellow Judges also voted- for that is our joint democratic right. We came out in large numbers and lined up patiently and peacefully as One People under God. We were determined to elect a Leader of our choice- by voting.
Then the drama started, and I was reminded of Truth Meter- where a young Kenyans says- I witnessed the whole episode, it was like drama, like vindio- video. The supposedly Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission started treating Kenyans to Provisional Results that quickly assumed a life of its own. We were seeing figures that defied any logic and many eyebrows were raised. I bet you sat upright, for arithmetic was not adding up.
And we all witnessed when the Chair of the IEBC came on screen and told us that a Bug had been detected that was adding the Rejected Votes by 8. For at that time, the Rejected Votes were rapidly becoming the Third Force and Kenyans were being treated to this drama from our own IEBC- an Investment of upwards of Kshs 100Billion. The IEBC had spent colossal sums of Money to invest in the Planning and Hosting of the 2013 General Elections. I bet the Bug did not intervene to again give us the Tallying Process that was rapidly also assuming a life of its own. The Results that were being read by the Commissioners were not Tallying with the Results that were being posted as overall.
The IEBC Chair and his Team visited several Countries earlier to learn and witness how elections were conducted. They were even in the US in November 2012 to witness the largest democracy at work. And the US Results, true to form, came out in real time. And within minutes of the last man casting his vote, Barrack Obama was pronounced the President of the USA. It did not take Five- 5 days of tallying. For there is no science involved in adding up figures from 290 Constituencies.
They were also in Ghana for the same learning process. What lessons did they learn, or, were these the normal freebies and high life that comes with State Office in Kenya? Where results are never realized?
Mr President, Elections in Kenya must be won at the Ballot Box, not at the Tallying Centre and not in the Board Rooms. If the US, with a very large population of voters could post their results in real time, what was the problem with ours?
In the confines of my house, I had my own Tallying Centre where I posted on Excel ALL the results as they were being announced by the tired and in some cases confused Commissioners and I realized that the figures were not adding up. At some point, Commissioner Nzibo gave Mzee Uhuru Kenyatta 57,000 votes as cast from Tiaty Constituency to the chagrins of all. He had said the Constituency had only 18,000 Registered Voters, and I do not want to believe that he was being misquoted. He was reading the results and all the World was listening. And I want to believe that this is what they posted in their end results.
Such was the Tallying Mess that within one hour of Commissioner Nzibo asking us to go to bed, rest and come back fresh at 6.00am, new results were being posted declaring Mzee Uhuru Kenyatta as our new President-Elect. I was shocked. And I marveled at how Kenya had invested Billion of Shillings down the drain like this.
Elections Results were being cooked and Maths was not adding up. The Commission was struggling with facts and figures and down the drain was their credibility going as well. And facts and figures are very stubborn entities. They NEVER lie. You can only manipulate them, and this, I want to believe is what our IEBC Team was doing as the whole World watched in shock.
We had invested heavily in gadgets that NEVER worked for us. Did someone take us for a ride? Were Elections Results pre-meditated? Why could the IEBC not give us results in Real Time like they had done with all the by-elections they had conducted? Were they coooking figures to force a clear winner in Round One?
These are disturbing questions that Kenyans must get to know. And it is only you and your Team that can help us unravel this.
In 2007, we did one major mistake; we never punished those who connived against Kenyans in that botched exercise of an Election. We let them go scot free and even paid them off. It is only God who has been dealing with them one by one. They caused massive pain, misery, death and destruction on God's Bits of Wood, on Kenyans and our loving God will not let them rest easy. How I wish we were living during the times of Hamurabi the Law Giver- we would have acted appropriately.
As the protagonists come before you to seek redress, you and your able Bench must take the higher ground. You are Kenyans and you must help Kenyans regain confidence in the Electoral Process. As you look at what the Protagonists have presented before you, you must uphold the trust we have all bestowed upon you and walk down the history lane to come up with sound and secure judgement. The man hours we all spent patiently in long queues must never go in vain, and must never be manipulated to give pre-meditated results.
The Hon Chief Justice, if Elections must be won, they must be won in the Ballot. And not at the Tallying Centres where Resluts are programmed to come in a pre-determined fashion. And if the IEBC Team Members are found to have fiddled with the Tallying Process like they definitely did, judgement must be passed on them and each one of the Commissioners must be hanged separately in a Public Square for all to see. And they must re-pay all the Billions Kenyans invested in their comfort.
Kenyans are watching and the whole World is watching as Democracy goes on Trial in Kenya.
Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Africa Campaign- TCAC
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an initiative of KCDN Kenya

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kenya's waste management challenge

These are the things we have been talking about, and I am happy that Nairobi has elected into office a savvy technocrat in the person of Dr Evans Kidero, whom I want to believe will address the issues. Infact, he can make Nairobi clean between now and 1st June 2013 as we celebrate our 50 Years of Independence.
It is not that our Towns are lacking in capacity to manage and control waste, the problem is, our technocrats in the Environment Departments have never been keen in addressing the menace that is waste and garbage.
We all know that waste is wealth, but what are our technocrats doing to empower the CBOs who have stepped forward to help realize this? Nothing. To our technocrats, shifting waste from one point to the next is so lucrative. This is why the City Council of Nairobi is spending Kshs 40 million every month on contracted Garbage Trucks, yet, no garbage is being shifted still. And again, at a time the Council could invest that money on buying new Trucks and developing skills for the many people who have steeped in to help manage waste in our former beautiful Town.
Nairobi along Enterprise Road on the 13th February 2013
I have told these mandarins at the Department of Environment at the City Council of Nairobi over and over that shifting waste from one point to the next will NEVER be waste management. But you see, there is profit in waste shifting.
We have introduced a Training Programme on Waste Management at The Clean Africa Campaign-TCAC, and if we can get support from the Governor-Elect, we will greatly reduce plastic and polythene waste in Nairobi and across our Cities and Towns. For, Plastic and Polythene waste are the main waste ingredients that clog our drainage systems and create massive waste piles across our Towns.
We are recalling the first batch of Trainees soon to enable us move forward. We are only waiting for the Governor to be sworn in to office before we pro-actively engage with him.
Again, we have been keen on piloting the Process of Separation of Waste at Source. This is a serious issue that must be enforced by the Governor and the Central Government. This is a process that will create massive employment opportunities across Kenya and Africa and we only need the goodwill and support of the Governor and we are home and dry.
We are replecating this across all Kenya as we move into other African Countries.
Managing waste has never been a difficult thing. We are only making it difficult because we want to use waste and garbage as a conduit to align our pockets.
Enterprise Road in Nairobi on the 13th February 2013
Our remedy is simple but effective; let the Governors-Elect revamp their Departments of Environment and set in place a clear process that will do the following;
  1. Register all waste handling groups across our Cities
  2. Train the same groups on proper waste management with particular emphasis to specialization on different waste streams
  3. Delineate clear waste streams for each group
  4. Create holding grounds for the waste handlers as they sort and transport each waste stream to the end user
  5. Create a clear data bank for all waste users and convertors to enable the waste handlers know where to take their various forms of waste
  6. Then create a clear payment structure for each waste stream and make those payments be on real time.
Waste and Garbage Management is becoming a big issue and according to projections from the World Bank in their last report, the Municipal Solid Waste generated by the Municipals across the World will hit 2.2 Billion Tonnes by 2025 and this will cost the World some $375 Billion annually to manage.
This is huge, and definitely, it is beyond the current teams managing waste in Africa and more so in Kenya.It needs the undivided attention of our Governors as a priority and the involvement of the Central Governments for support.
We are currently developing our 5 Year Strategic Plan and we want to conform this to the Electoral Circle as we engage all our Governors to work for a Clean Kenya as our immediate measure as we approach celebrating our 50 Years of Independence on the 1st June 2013. We will then hit the ground running in April with a view to making change happen across Kenya and Africa.
Then on 5th June 2013, as we celebrate the World Environment Day, we will host The Kenya Environmentalist of the Year Award- KEYA Awards where we will appreciate best practices from our Towns and Cities, colleges and estates.
We are inviting partnerships that can work with us towards achieving these goals.
Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Africa Campaign- TCAC
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an initiative of KCDN Kenya

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Journey of Hope across Kenya and into Africa

We hosted 17 events besides the other mobilization processes and engagements we had in the following manner;
1. Kibera on the 22nd January- Nationwide Clean-up; Thank you Kenya
2. Mombasa on 20th February-  Thank you Mombasa Clean up Campaign
3. Huruma in Nairobi on 26th Feb- 26th Feb in Huruma along Juja Road
4. Eastleigh in Nairobi on 26th March- 3rd Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign
5. Ngong Hills on 2nd April- God Firmly in Charge; Successful event
6. Official launch of our website on the 20th April at Charter Hall- Launch of the KCDN Website
7. Eldoret on the 21st May- The Eldoret Campaign; A big success
8. Kenyatta National Hospital on the 28th May- Friends of KNH Maternity Unit
9. Kisii on 17th June- The Kisii Campaign 17th June 2011
10. Kisumu on the 16th July- The Kisumu Clean-up Campaign
11. Kakamega on the 23rd July- Kakamega Clean-up Campaign Launched
12. Nyeri on the 20th August- Reinventing our Pride; Transforming Kenya, The Nyeri Clean-up Consultative Meeting, The Nyeri Clean up Campaign
13. Nyayo Highrise Estate Embakasi on 13th October- Kenyans doing it for themselves
14. Hurumu on the 17th October- The Huruma Consultative Forum
15. Huruma on the 22nd October- Need for greater coordination; PC Nairobi
16. Maringo on 19th November- Maringo Clean-up Campaign
17. Buru Buru Prudential on the 10th December- Dr Kaudia Launches The Litter Bins Programme in Ke...
Then we covered our events in some summary-  Our Journey of Hope Part 1 and 2,  Our Journey of Hope across Kenya Part 2
In the year 2012, we hosted 25 events besides the other mobilization processes and engagements we had in the following manner;
1.    Zimmerman Estate on 21st January- Kenyans making a difference; Zimmerman Clean-up Ca...
2.    Kongowea in Mombasa on 18th February- The best ever Clean-up Campaign; Kongowea Market
3.    Kondele in Kisumu on 17th March- Massive Kondele Clean-up Campaign
4.    World Clean-up Day in Umoja on 24th March- The Mother of all Clean-ups; A Huge Success
5.    Peace Building in Kibigori and Chemase - 20th April 2012 Moving the Peace Building Process...
6.    Kapsoya in Eldoret on the 21st April- The Eldoret Clean-up Campaign
7.    International Campaign to stop rape and gender violence during conflict on 18th May-Launch of The International Campaign to Stop Rape ...
8.    World Environment Day 5th June- Moving towards Separation of Waste at Source
9.    With Zetech College on June 23rd- Zetech College joins in cleaning Nairobi
10. The 1st Consultative Forum on Waste Management at Charter Hall on the 11th July- Consultative Forum on Waste Management 11th July 2...
11.  Pumwani Majengo on July 21st- Let us apprehend those who litter- Hon Beth Mugo
12.  Kayole and Githurai on 25th August- Action Time across Kenya; Clean-ups
13. The 2nd Consultative Forum on Waste Management on 28th August- A double score for The Clean Kenya Campaign
14. Kibera on 15th September- Kibera Public Space Project 04
17. TNA joins in Cleaning Muthurwa Market on 10th October- TNA Joins in Cleaning Muthurwa Market
18. Pumwani Majengo with Hon Yusuf Hassan on 27th October- Hon Yusuf Hassan joins The Clean Kenya Campaign, Clean-ups on the 27th October across kenya
19. Training Programme on Waste Management 16th November- Training Programme on Waste Management
20. The Sofia Majengo Clean-up on 17th November- The Sofia Majengo Clean-up on 17th Nov 2012, Sofia Clean up Campaign
21. The Kibera Medical and Peace Camp on 18th November- The Kibera Medical and Peace Camp
22. Start of Training Programme on Waste Management on 5th December- Start of the Training Programme on Waste Managemen...
23. Calling out Kenyans to register as voters 13th December- Calling Kenyans Out to Register as Voters
24. Massive voter registration campaign on 14th December- Massive turn out at Mukuru- Voter Registration
25. Prayers for Peace and a Clean General Election 30th December- Prayers for Peace at Redeemed Gospel Church
In the year 2013, we have hosted 10 events besides the other mobilization processes we have had in the following manner;
1.    Huruma on the 5th January- The Huruma Clean up Campaign; Garbage in the mind
2.    Appreciation from Let’s Do it World received 7th January- Appreciation from Let's do it Foundation
3.    Langata on 12th January- The Langata Clean-up Campaign; 12th Jan 2013
4.    Kariobangi North 16th January- The Best; Kariobangi Clean-up and Peace Building
5.    Mathare 19th January- The Mathare Human Peace Caravan; A Great Success
6.    Dagoreti 25th January- Dagoreti Human Peace Caravan; a huge success
7.    Dandora 2nd February- The Dandora Human Peace Caravan; a huge success
8.    Makadara 13th February- The Mater Kayaba Viwandani Human Peace Caravan
9.    Kisumu 16th February- The Kisumu Human Peace Caravan
10. Westlands 20th February- The Kangemi Waruku Human Peace Caravan
We are developing a 5 Year Comprehensive Strategic Plan to help guide our programmes into the next 5 Years and I want to believe that you will join with us and be part of Our Journey of Hope across Kenya as well.
I want to sincerely thank ALL our Friends and Partners, you have made us achieve all these.
Let us join hands and work for a Clean Kenya, a Clean Africa.
Odhiambo T Oketch,                                                                                                                 Executive Director,                                                                                                                           The Clean Africa Campaign-TCAC,                                                                                                    Tel; 0724 365 557,            
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an initiative of KCDN Kenya.