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We welcome you to our site. Kindly feel free to share with us your thoughts. Ideas that add value will be appreciated. Ideas that want to make us improve our physical environment will be welcome. And more so, ideas that redirect us from the lost cause will be of immense value.

It is us who will improve the lot of our Environment, our Economy and make Kenya a Clean Country, where People join hands to work for our own Economic Emancipation and where Municipal Solid Waste Management is looked at as a resource, not as waste.

We need to set the standards in this region of the World and become the referral point in how a people can join hands and work for their own Economic Liberation, where waste can be used as raw material and become a source of employment for our people.

Our collective actions will surely make a difference. This is why in partnership with our Key Strategic Partners- The Public Service Transformation Department, the National Environment Management Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation,other key Ministries, the Local Authorities in Kenya, the Provincial Administration, A Better World, Akiba Uhaki Foundation and other Partners, we are moving deliberately in sensitizing and mobilizing Kenyans to work towards A Clean Kenya where waste is separated at source.

And this is why we are inviting Kenyans to join with us in The Clean Kenya Campaign and be a Member of Kimisho Sacco Society Ltd


Odhiambo T Oketch,
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Website; www.kcdnkenya.org.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends of KNH Maternity Unit

Life is so precious and today, as we celebrate with our Mothers and their new born babies at Kenyatta National Hospital, we also want to celebrate the life of Mama Jane Ong'ira Omolo who passed on peacefully in her sleep on 25th May 2011.
In the company of Staff Members from Barclays Bank Haile Sellassie Avenue Branch led by their Branch Manager Ms Jane Ng'ang'a, we ultimately did visit Kenyatta National Hospital Maternity Unit on 28th May 2011 at 2.00pm.
The Friends of KNH Maternity Unit on arrival at the Hospital on 28th May 2011.
Joining me from KCDN we had Mr. Arthur Achola and Mr. Paul Oyugi. We were received by Mr. Bryan Ngugi from the PR Office and taken to the Maternity Unit where Sister Nereah Ojanga and Sister V Nyambiosi and the Nursing fraternity were waiting for us.
It is important to note that beside being a Midwife by Birth, Mrs Ojanga is the Assistant Chief Nurse at KNH and the Patron of the Midwives of Kenya.
All set and ready.
The visit was an eye opener for many of us. It was a living proof of what we can do with the little we have if we pool our resources together. It was all joy from the Mothers, both Pre and Post Natal and the Nursing Staff.
As a way forward, we are forming the Friends of KNH Maternity Unit and in partnership with Barclays Bank Haille Sellassie Avenue Staff Members, we will be inviting all willing partners, both Individual and Corporate to join us every Month as we address the plight of Mothers and their Children at the KNH Maternity Unit.
Getting into the Hospital
We are aiming at Registering 100 Members as a start and these will be People of Goodwill who will be willing to contribute Kshs 1,000.00 every month to enable our Monthly visit to the Unit.
In partnership with Kenyatta National Hospital, National Hospital Insurance Fund, and all Friends of KNH Maternity Unit, we will aim at addressing all the pressing needs at the Unit. For us, this will be the best advocacy in support of the Unit.
Odhiambo T Oketch and the Team giving one of the presentation
Just like I started, life is precious and today, as we celebrate these new lives, we also want to celebrate the life and times of Mrs Jane Ong'ira Omolo who passed on in her sleep on the 25th May 2011. She was born on 31st December 1938 and was blessed to be the mother to 2 good Friends of mine; Prof PLO Lumumba and Mr. Edward Okaro.
Please join us at KCDN in condoling with PLO and Edward at this trying moment. PLO and Edward besides being my friends have also been very good Friends of KCDN.
On behalf of the KCDN Fraternity, may I wish PLO and Edward the kind of strength that will see them through this moment.
May the good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.
If it is to be, it is up to me. A Clean  Kenya  Starts With me. A Peaceful Kenya is my Responsibility.

Odhiambo T Oketch

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Eldoret Campaign; A big success

We were at Huruma Estate in Eldoret yesterday the 21st May 2011 for the 5th Edition of the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign and this was simply the best campaign we have had so far.
Receiving the Hon William Ruto at Huruma Estate. L-R; David Busienei, Cllr Ronoh- Mayor of Eldoret Town, Ms Difinah- Director of Environment County Council of Wareng, Mr. Mohamed Ali- Eldoret Green Town Initiative, Hon Ruto, Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch- KCDN Nairobi and Mr. Wanjau- DC Eldoret West District.
The event was launched by the Hon William Ruto- area MP at exactly 7.00am in the company of Cllr Rono- Mayor Eldoret Town, Mr. Wanjau- DC Eldoret West, Mr. Stansilas Ondimu- Town Clerk Municipal Council of Eldoret, Cllrs Chomba, Chemase, Limo, Langat, Sato, Sang, Koeach and others, Col Bishop PW Simiyu- Ministry of State for Defense, Ms Difina- Director of Environment County Council of Wareng, Mr. Chelule- Director of Environment Municipal Council of Eldoret, several Chiefs and their Assistants and a team of almost 3,000 volunteers.
Explaining the waste menace problem to Hon Ruto
In attendance we had several organizations and schools;
  1. KCDN Nairobi
  2. Eldoret Green Team Initiative,
  3. Middle Sosiani Water Resource Users Association,
  4. Centre for Community Dialogue and Development
  5. Municipal Council of Eldoret
  6. County Council of Wareng
  7. Kenya Commercial Bank
  8. Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd
  9. Rift Valley Bottlers Ltd
  10. Nakumatt Eldoret
  11. Raiply Ltd
  12. The Red Cross
  13. Alphax College
  14. Umso Organization
  15. Chemalal Community Dam
  16. Sirikwa Quarry
  17. Community Eye- Huruma
  18. Moi University Environmental Association
  19. Moi Girls High School
  20. Kamagut High School
  21. Huruma Primary School
  22. Kandie Primary School
  23. Fadhili Academy
  24. Hardy primary School
  25. Athuuri Agikuyu Uashin Gishu
  26. Huruma Farmers Ltd
  27. PCEA Huruma
  28. Asis Hotel
  29. Smattkar Motors and many more 
We cleaned Huruma Estate and later went to Baharini Dam where we planted 3,000 seedlings. It was real fun, and this is what we intend it to be. It was exciting when some drunk shouted- ona Ruto anatoa mafi...in reference to the Hon William Ruto being in the trench.

Odhiambo T Oketch sharing the problem
I must thank our local partners who made this event be such a success. These Institutions responded in kind and without them, the event would not have been such a huge success;
  1. Eldoret Green Town Initiative
  2. Middle Sosiani Water Resource Users Association
  3. Centre for Community Dialogue and Development
  4. Municipal Council of Eldoret
  5. County Council of Wareng
  6. The Provincial Administration Eldoret
  7. Kenya Commercial Bank
  8. Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd
  9. Rift Valley Bottlers Ltd
  10. Nakumatt Eldoret
  11. Mugumo Communications Ltd
  12. Restaurant Equip Systems & Interiors
  13. Asis Hotel and
  14. KCDN Nairobi- the Prime Movers of the clean-up campaign in Kenya.
We were encouraged with the enthusiasm with which the local leaders launched this programme in Eldoret. It was a pleasure watching the Hon Ruto, Mayor Rono, Town Clerk Ondimu, DC Wanjau and all the leaders united in moving to the trenches. It was our pleasure when they all pledged to make this a monthly affair in Eldoret.

Personal Testimony; Hon William Ruto
It was more encouraging to see the corporates, KCB, KPLC, Nakumatt, Rift Valley Bottlers and Raiply Ltd staff members actively joining us in the actual clean-up and later, tree planting at Baharini Dam.
This is indeed going to be the Turning Point in the clean-up Campaign across Kenya because, Eldoret is going to set standards that will be high for the rest of the Towns across Kenya to achieve. But we are looking forward to creating a healthy cleanliness competition between our Towns and the respective Town Clerks.

Odhiambo T Oketch joins Moi Girls High School students in action.
The ball is set and it is now rolling.
We are also appreciative of the several corporates who have shown willingness in working with us in this campaign. We want to do the following and we need your support as we mobilize the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign;
  1. In partnership with our schools and learning institutions, we want to encourage each school going pupil at Primary, Secondary, College or at the University to each plant 2 trees to mark their birthdays across all Kenya.
  2. Place waste Litter Bins in strategic positions all across our towns to ensure that litter is disposed of within reasonable intervals before collections
  3. Create disposal venues in our Estates where garbage can be collected at before final disposals
  4. Mobilize the Provincial Administration and all the Town and County Clerks to become sensitized to introduce elements of competition that will reward the cleanest Town in Kenya.
  5. And sensitize Kenyans on the need to take personal responsibility in disposing of litter that we generate and help create a Clean Kenya.
This is our resolve and Eldoret has set the right tempo for us. We have seen the willingness and the right enthusiasm that will make Eldoret the envy of all Towns in Kenya.
Many thanks and let us meet in Kisii on 17th June and in Kisumu on 25th June.
Lastly, in partnership with Friends of KCDN, Barclays Bank Haile Sellassie Avenue Branch and any other willing partners, we will be visiting the Mothers and their New Born Babies at Kenyatta National Hospital on 28th May 2011 at 2.00pm. Those who are willing to join us, we will be meeting at 1.00pm in front of City Hall Annexe before moving as a Team to Kenyatta.
Please be of voluntary support to these sisters, mothers and Friends of ours.
If it is to be, it is up to me. A Clean  Kenya  Starts With me. A Peaceful Kenya is my Responsibility.
Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi
Nationwide Coordinator - Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign
PO Box 47890-00100,
Nairobi Kenya .
Tel; 0724 365 557 0735 529 126 
Email; oto@kcdnkenya.org, komarockswatch@yahoo.com
Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch

KCDN meets Ufadhili Trust

On Monday 16th May 2011, we had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Mumo Kivuitu- the Executive Director at Ufadhili Trust in the presence of Mr. Otieno Ombok who had arranged for this meeting.
L-R; Mr. Otieno Ombok, Mr. Mumo Kivuitu and Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch
It was informative and we shared on how we can build a partnership that will help drive the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign more strongly.
It is important to note that KCDN is the brainchild of the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign in Kenya and through our partnership with the Government, the Councils and the People, we have initiated a Monthly Clean-up Campaign in Nairobi, Mombasa and Eldoret.
We are rolling the same in Kisii on the 17th June 2011, Kisumu on 25th June 2011 and then we will be in Western Province in July.
This is an open drive and we are inviting all Kenyans and Institutions to come aboard and help make Kenya clean.
Peace and blessings.
Odhiambo T Oketch

KCDN hands over their report to Akiba Uhaki Foundation

Akiba Uhaki Foundation once more supported KCDN and this time, it was the development and launch of the KCDN Website- www.kcdnkenya.org This was commissioned and ultimately launched on 20th April 2011 at Charter Hall at City Hall by the Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development.
On completion of the project, we had the pleasure of presenting our report to Akiba Uhaki Foundation on Monday the 16th May 2011.
L-R; Ms Sarah Nkuchia of Akiba, Mr. Kepta Ombati of Akiba, Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch of KCDN and Mr. Felix Kyalo of Akiba at their offices on 16th May 2011.
It is our pleasure at KCDN that we are building a solid partnership with AUF for the benefit of Kenyans and our programmes. We are inviting more of such partnerships that would add value to Kenya and Kenyans.
And on behalf of KCDN, may I once more thank Akiba Uhaki Foundation for their continued support.
Peace and blessings,
Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Eldoret Clean-up; The Turning Point

Friends of KCDN
Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign; The Eldoret Campaign
The 5th Edition of the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign will be held at Huruma Estate in Eldoret Town on 21st May 2011 as from 7.00am and The Eldoret Campaign is going to be the turning point for the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign in Kenya.
The KCDN team was in Eldoret from 30th April until yesterday and our first stop was Huruma Estate where we came face to face with the rot we occasion on us by ourselves.
 The rot we saw in Huruma Estate
This is one Estate that surely needs lots of Environmental Conservation and Hygiene Education. A look at the photos that we have posted below will tell you that something is wrong in this neighbourhood.
In our Clean-up Campaign, I have not come across such carelessness both on the part of the people- the residents, and the Government and the Civic Authority. There are no signs of waste and garbage having ever been collected in this Estate and it is a free for all.
Huruma Estate Eldoret Town
Next to River Sosiani Water treatment Plant
By the Dump Site
The residents appeared helpless and one asked me what options she had! She was dumping just next to her house and it gave a real sad scenario. This calls for concerted efforts from all of us; The people, The Local Authority and The Central Government.
Huruma Estate Eldoret Town
Baharini Dam
L-R; Mr. David Busienei, Poa Place Manager, Mr. Paul Lelei. Miss Kenya Natasha Metto, Stevo- Tusker Project Fame, Mr. Ted Kwaka, Oto and Mr. Sam Olendo at Poa Place in Eldoret on 1st May 2011.
It was a good outing for the KCDN Team since we also met Mr. Steve Nyabwa who led us into meeting Big Ted and Miss Kenya. We are in discussions on partnering to further the aims of The Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign through song and dance.
On 3rd May 2011, the KCDN team had several consultative meetings as we made Courtesy Calls on key leaders in Eldoret Town.
A Courtesy Call on the Town Clerk Mr. Stansilas Ondimu- L-R; Ms Doreen Omumbo, Mr. David Busienei, Oto, Mr. Ondimu and Mr. Mohamed Ali of Eldoret Green Town Initiative.
L-R; Ms Omumbo, Mr. Amukula, Mr. Busienei, Oto, Mr. Ondimu, Mr. Ali, Mr. Barno- Former Chief, Mr. Lelei and the Director of Environment at Municipal Council of Eldoret Mr. Chelulei.
Our Courtesy Call was in line with the upcoming Clean-up Campaign in Huruma Estate and the Town Clerk and his Team were very enthusiastic with the call and promised to mobilize all staff, equipment and do all that it will take to make the day a success.
Our next stop was at the County Council of Wareng where we met the County Clerk and his Officers from the Environment and Engineering. We were concerned with the state of Baharini Dam and we discussed how the County Council could assist. It is good to report that as we write this, the County Council staff are on site at the Dam dissilting. They are also proving the human labour that is digging holes in preparations for the tree planting on the site on the 21st May after the Clean-up at Huruma Estate.
At the County Council of Wareng- L-R; Mr. Busienei, Environment Officer County Council of Wareng Ms. Diffinah Bitok, Oto, the County Clerk Wareng Mr. Richard T Chepkonga and Mr. Lelei.
On 4th May, our first call was at Fish FM where we were hosted by Mr. Reuben Kigame in his famous Morning Show from 7.00am till 9.00am.
L-R; Oto, Mr. Ali, Mr. Kigame, Mr. Busienei and Mr. Lelei.
Next was a Courtesy Call on the District Commissioner Eldoret West District Mr. Chris Wanjau with whom we discussed the upcoming Clean-up Campaign at Huruma Estate on 21st May and the subsequent Tree Planting session at Baharini Dam on the same day.
He promised his support and said besides his personal attendance, he will ensure the entire Provincial Administration took part and helped with the necessary mobilization. He was encouraged with the Partnership that we are creating and pledged the Governments support and participation.
He even sent the Area Chief Huruma Location Ms Rukia C Kibet to the Consultative Meeting we had at the Municipal Chambers on 5th May 2011.
L-R; Mr. Busienei, Mr. Barno, Mr. Ali, The DC Mr. Wanjau, Oto and Mr. Lelei at the DC’s Office
We next went to meet with Mr. Moses Tanui, the Great Athlete of our Times. While with him, we also met with the Former Mayor Eldoret Town Mr. Samuel Rutto and the Chairman of the Kalenjin Council of Elders Major [Rtd] John Seii.
L-R; Mr. Busienei, Mr. Lelei, Mr. Barno, Oto and Mr. Tanui
Major Seii and the KCDN Team
Our last day in Eldoret was crowned with a Massive attendance of the Consultative Meeting in preparation of the Clean-up Campaign in Huruma. It was officially opened by the Town Clerk Mr. Ondimu and had in attendance many stakeholders.
The KCDN team was impressed with the enthusiasm of the participants and we left Eldoret later in the day with a firm conviction that Eldoret is going to be the Turning Point in the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign
Mr. Ondimu opening the meeting
Oto addressing the meeting
Cllr Chomba addressing the meeting
Chief Rukia addressing the meeting
L-R; Mr. Lelei, Cllr Chomba. Mr. Ondimu. Oto and Mr. Ali following the proceedings
Group Photo after the meeting.
We thank Eldoret for this overwhelming show of support.
Odhiambo T Oketch                                                                                           National Coordinator, Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign Tel; 0724 365 557, 0735 529 126. www.kcdnkenya.org  http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com