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It is us who will improve the lot of our Environment, our Economy and make Kenya a Clean Country, where People join hands to work for our own Economic Emancipation and where Municipal Solid Waste Management is looked at as a resource, not as waste.

We need to set the standards in this region of the World and become the referral point in how a people can join hands and work for their own Economic Liberation, where waste can be used as raw material and become a source of employment for our people.

Our collective actions will surely make a difference. This is why in partnership with our Key Strategic Partners- The Public Service Transformation Department, the National Environment Management Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation,other key Ministries, the Local Authorities in Kenya, the Provincial Administration, A Better World, Akiba Uhaki Foundation and other Partners, we are moving deliberately in sensitizing and mobilizing Kenyans to work towards A Clean Kenya where waste is separated at source.

And this is why we are inviting Kenyans to join with us in The Clean Kenya Campaign and be a Member of Kimisho Sacco Society Ltd


Odhiambo T Oketch,
Team Leader & Executive Director,
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Website; www.kcdnkenya.org.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Towards The World Environment Day

As we keep planning for the Massive Clean-up Campaign targeting Jogoo and Landhies Roads in Nairobi during The World Environment Day, we at The Clean-up Campaign- TCKC are happy to give you this update.
Nema Nairobi will give Certificates of Participation to all Groups that will be joining in the Clean-up Campaign. There will be NO individual Certificates.
In the morning of today, we had very lively engagements with The Green Army- the Kogalo Fans, and we are happy to report that The Green Army will paint Jogoo Rd Green.
We are also happy to report that we have made contacts with the Ingwe Claws. The AFC Fans as they are called are engaging and by tomorrow, we will give a comprehensive statement on their participation with us.
Lastly, we had a scheduled meeting with the DC Makadara at his offices today at 8.30am. Mr. Chege is so enthusiastic about the day and he will personally lead the Makadara Troops for the Clean-up. He invited the District Environment Officer Makadara Ms Peninah to join in our meeting, and I can assure you, Makadara is going to turn out in large numbers.
The DC has engaged his Team and Peninah and her Team are rolling out.
As promised, we will give a list of all the teams that will be participating tomorrow. We are hence still appealing to all those Friends of the Environment to write to us or give us a call.
As we continue with the Monthly Nationwide Clean-up and Awareness Campaigns, we are piloting the concept of separation of waste at source and conversion of the same to useful by-products beginning 1st August.
This Initiative will be a partnership between The Clean Kenya Campaign-TCKC, NEMA Nairobi, the City Council of Nairobi, KEPSA and a Team of Partners. Again, we are inviting all Waste Collectors in Nairobi to get in touch with us on the same.
Lastly, we must say NO to such dumping;
Let us all join hands and stop this new kind of Land Grabbing in  Kenya.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

The Clean Kenya Campaign; www.kcdnkenya.org

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The World Environment Day preparations

Plans to celebrate The World Environment Day reached some new levels today when The Clean Kenya Campaign-TCKC, the City Council of Nairobi, the Provincial Police Office Nairobi, the Traffic Police Nairobi and the One Stop Youth Resource Centre were hosted at The Provincial Environment Office- [Nema] Nairobi for a brain storming session. The Meeting was chaired by Ms Ann Theuri of Nema.
Seated L-R; Mr. James Otiende-CCN, Ms Ann Theuri- Nema, SP Edward Wafula- from the PPO's office. Standing L-R; Mr. Anthony Anyona- One Stop Youth, Mr. Otieno Sungu- TCKC, Cop Moses Wamalwa- Traffic Department and Odhiambo T Oketch-TCKC in todays meeting at Nema Nairobi.
In the said meeting, it was agreed that the Clean-up along Jogoo and Landhies Roads will target three distinct areas namely Donholm Round About, Makadara DC by the Fly-over and Muthurwa Market along Landhies Roads.
Our Guest of Honour will flag of the Clean-up Campaign at Muthurwa while the DC Makadara and DC Embakasi will flag off the Makadara and Dohnholm Round About events.
It has been a busy week for Nema in the build up to The World Environment Day. It all started on the 20th May 2012 when they were joined with other partners to plant 5,000 trees at Ngong Hills. This was followed by the 2nd Mazingira Run that was hosted on the 27th May 2012 at Uhuru Park.
Today, they are hosting the markings of an Arts and Essay Competition at their Provincial Boardroom in an event that was coordinated by the Directorate of Education at the City Council of Nairobi.
On Thursday the 31st May 2012, Nema will host the Finals of  Mr. and Ms Environment at Shauri Moyo YMCA as from 10.00am to 1.00pm.
To crown the whole process, we will host The Clean-up Campaign along Jogoo and Landhies Roads on the 5th June 2012 as from 7.00am and then the climax of The World Environment Day will be the Exhibition at The Star of Hope Primary School at Viwandani in Industrial Area the same day as from 10.00am.
We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Douglas Wakihiuri- our Olympic Marathon Champion and a Team from the Sotokoto Safari Half Marathon will be joining us on the 5th June 2012 for the Clean-up Campaigns. It is worth noting that Douglas and his Team have been well engaged in Kibera with several activities that is turning lives around in that area, and they will be teaming up with The Clean Kenya Campaign in the separation of waste from source with Kibera being one of the Pilot Areas.
Mr. Otieno Sungu, Olympian Douglas Wakiihuri and Odhiambo T Oketch at Sotokoto today
There are several team that have written and indicated that they will join in this Massive Clean-up Campaign. We will post all the names of the teams that will be participating on Thursday the 31st may after our last planning meeting.
On behalf of the Organizing Team, we are pleased to extend this invitation to all Kenyans. We are looking forward to participation from the Football Fans; Kogalo's Green Army, Ingwelettes and Ingwe Fans, Sofa Paka Fans and all the Man-U and Arsenal Fans.
We are also appealing to all our Political Parties to join hands with us and make The Clean Kenya Campaign our Campaign.
Lastly, the City Council of Nairobi will provide Trucks and Liner Bags to cart the garbage away. We are appealing to all Friends who will be joining us to each come with either a Rake or a Spade. You may also buy your own mouth mask and hand gloves.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign-TCKC,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Economy; does it include you?

This is the theme of The World Environment Day this year. And we at The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC are happy to be associated with this day.
As we celebrate The World Environment Day on the 5th June 2012, we want to invite Kenyans to action. In partnership with the City Council of Nairobi, the Provincial Administration Nairobi, the Provincial Environment Officer Nairobi- Nema, the Kenya Police Force Nairobi, the Traffic Department of the Police Force Nairobi, the Media, and many more Friends of TCKC, we will celebrate this day in style.
We all know how Jogoo Road and Landhies Roads are, and we also know that we have been depositing our garbage by these two Roads for some while. In line with our Constitution, we are mobilizing the participation of as many as 30,000 Nairobians to join us on the 5th June at 7.00am to help clean these two roads, remove the piled up garbage, and put a firm stop to this dumping.
Waste is wealth and many of us know this.
The Clean Kenya Campaign
We are in discussions which are going to turn the process of waste management into something very exciting for Kenyans. Besides being a source of employment and economic gains, waste management is the next big thing for this country.
As soon as we are through with this day, and in partnership with the City Council of Nairobi, the Provincial Environment Office, Kepsa and other players, we are going to engage with all waste collectors in Nairobi to help streamline the business of waste in Nairobi and by extension, across Kenya. We are going to start a pilot process on waste management that will involve some select estates, the hospitality industry and our markets.
We have men and women in Public Service who are well trained in the various aspects of waste management and conversion, and we also have corporates who convert waste into productive materials, gas, energy and biomass. We want to engage all those whose inputs will make us start fighting for our personal waste.
At The Clean Kenya Campaign, we want Kenyans to start being mean with their waste produce because, it is going to give them some good money. We will be inviting Kenyans to separate their waste at source as we move the process to the next level.
This is a process that cannot be left to the Government alone. We must all come in and be part of this Transformative Process that is going to turn Kenya around.
One thing is, we have never talked about what we cannot deliver, and now that we have re-loaded and energized The Clean Kenya Campaign, we are happy that we are equal to the task ahead.
We are happy with the support and partnership from the City Council of Nairobi, the other Councils across Kenya, and the Central Government in this Journey of Hope across Kenya. We are more happy with the many Kenyans who have always joined with us in The Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaigns across Kenya.
We have one assurance for all of you; the time is now and we are equal to the task.
To this extent, it is my pleasure to invite you all to join with us on the 5th June 2012 across the entire stretch of Jogoo and Landhies Roads at 7.00am for this Massive Clean-up ever seen anywhere in the World. We are negotiating with our Friends in the Media to have some live transmissions of this historic event; 30,000 people joining hands for a worthy course!
We are inviting the Green Army from the legendary Gor Mahia- Kogalo Fans, where are you?
We are inviting the indomitable Leopards- Ingwe- Mko wapi?
We are inviting the Sofa Paka Team. Where are you? The Brewers? I do not know how you call yourselves.
We are inviting all our Political Parties- PNU, ODM, Wiper, UDF, TNA, URP, KANU, Narc, Nark Kenya- where are you guys with all your Women and Youth Leagues?
And we are inviting all our Political Leaders. It is time we made Kenya Clean!
Kenya is Marwa and making her Clean is our Responsibility!
Given the large numbers that we will be hosting on this day, we want to invite each and every volunteer who will join us to come with either a spade or a rake. The Council will not be in a position to give all of us working tools.
This is our Country. This is Kenya. And we must join in making her Clean. Ama?

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

The Clean Kenya Campaign; www.kcdnkenya.org
An Initiative of the KCDN Kenya

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 This posting is thought provoking and is meant to waken us up from our dream
The Vision for 2030 in Kenya is composed of very sweet words; A national long-term development blue-print to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life by 2030, that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.
The vision is anchored on three key pillars; economic, social and political governance
And about the Flagship Projects, this is what they are saying;  With over 120 transformational & cross-sector flagship projects implemented across the country, each pillar encompasses various sectors that Kenya Vision 2030 is working to transform. The three pillars are buttressed by the foundations of Vision 2030 – Enablers and Macro. Browse through each of the pillar's flagship projects and see the future that awaits you and our country.
Vision 2030 Roads in Kenya
The three said Pillars upon which Vision 2030 are anchored on are Economic, Social and Political.
The Economic Pillar aims at moving the economy up the value chain- whatever that is.
The Social Pillar aims at investing in the people of Kenya.
And the Political Pillar aims at moving to the future as one nation.
All this makes some very good reading. But then, let us interrogate what this Vision is all about and let us put to test how realistic this vision is.
Vision 2030 Roads in Kenya
I am never a pessimist. But being the optimist I am, I like living real and in real times. It is good to have dreams, but it is never good to keep in your dream all night long till daylight come, till midday come, and till another night falls.
Dreams are realities of life that each one of us gets involved with once in a while. What matters, and what makes a difference is the length and quality of that dream. If you had a long dream, time comes when you must wake up from it and start facing reality.
The Vision 2030 is a master piece of such a dream.
Vision 2030 garbage along Lunga Lunga Road in Nairobi
We all know how at some point in time we were subjected to water for all by the year 2000 dream. The dream went on and when the year 2000 came, the dreamers went silent. They have never told us what happened to that sweet dream; water for all by the year 2000!
The Vision 2030 dream is one such sweet dream. 2030 is only 18 years away, and looking at our State of the Nation now, there is no action that indicates that we are keen in realizing this beautiful dream called Vision 2030.
A quick look at the 3 Pillars shows that nothing of the dream will be realized. What does moving the economy up the value chain mean to a layman? We have simply perfected the art of clothing our incompetence in nice sounding words which mean absolutely nothing to many Kenyans.
Moving the economy up the value chain would not be actualized simply through theatrics and posture. This must involve harnessing the human resource and capacities of Kenyans. It will involve as many Kenyans as possible being in gainful economic activities that will add value to our national GDP.
Vision 2030 garbage in Nairobi
As it were, unemployment is at its worst in Kenya, and nothing, absolutely nothing is being done to absorb the mass production of failures being channeled through our education system.
Every year, many Kenyans are being sieved at class 8, at form 4 and at the University levels. What are we doing with this lot that fail to meet the thresh hold to move to the next level? Do we condemn them to a life of hopelessness and dream?
Secondly, our Education Institutions are engaged in mass production of illiterate Kenyans. What is the Vision 2030 doing about the quality of education in our schools, in our colleges, in our universities? Nothing.
Recently, we have engaged in some very productive and useful debate, where we were looking at the quality of our Road Engineers. Again, how can we achieve this Vision 2030 thing if we as a Nation are stuck at Roads Construction? We are perpetually building the same roads!
Our Roads Engineers are giving us shoddy quality of works across Kenya, and yet, I want to believe that any thriving economy drives on the roads or on the rails to reach their markets.
How will we achieve Vision 2030 when we have no roads to power any Economic Take-off? Instead of building the Mombasa Road to acceptable standards, we are building a road that serves a County and pegging our hopes on it as a flagship project. Thika Road serves no known economic interest of Kenya. It is a County Road serving the interest of Kiambu County and nothing less.
Look at the Rail System in Kenya. For all practical purposes and intent, the Rail System in Kenya is dead. Very dead. Dead to an extent that we are all seeing the strain on our Roads across all Kenya. And yet, we are stuck in slumberland dreaming about Vision 2030 and doing absolutely nothing to revive our Rail System.
On the Economic Pillar of the Vision, we have lost it and lost it badly. We are doing nothing to even cushion the manufacturers on the costs of production. We have an erratic power supply that makes the manufacturers keep passing the costs of production to the common man.
Power regulation has become one issue that is surely sounding a death knell to our beloved Vision 2030. Again, energy regulation is also making a mockery of our resolve to keep this dream alive.
Vision 2030 Roads in Kenya
The Social Pillar of this Vision 2030 is in a shambles. Nothing is being done to up the quality of Education in Kenya. The sad reality is, parents do not know what their children are being instructed on in schools. Merchants and journeymen have been allowed to become authors of serious academic staff. I do not mind individuals penning their memoirs, but these can never be authorities for academic instructions. The quality of Text Books we currently have driving our Education Curriculum can never allow us to achieve Vision 2030.
As we are writing this, we all know how in shambles our health care in Kenya is. We have now made two attempts at unveiling universal health care for Kenyans with disastrous results. Look at how these men and women messed a very good idea at the NHIF? Instead of working for quality of health care for Kenyans, we saw an opportunity to steal from Kenyans. With this kind of a mindset, we surely can not achieve Vision 2030.
Our Towns cannot manage waste and garbage, and yet, any environmentalist will tell you that waste is wealth. But they have drastically failed to convert that waste into wealth. And Vision 2030 has also done nothing to ensure that we have a clean and safe environment as is posited in our Constitution.
These are some of the quick gains the Vision would have ran with. But when we cannot even manage simple things like waste, how can we live the dream of Vision 2030?
Vision 2030 garbage along Kampala Road in Nairobi
The Political Pillar is a sturdy in confusion and the Vision 2030 Mandarins better wake up. The Pillar aims at moving us to the future as one Nation. What have we put in place to help us move into the future as a Nation? Is it the rudderless National Cohesion and Integration Commission? Is it the ever quarreling Truth and Justice Commission? Is it the non- functional Political Parties Act?
Now, moving the Country together as a Team is one of the things many Kenyans are happy with. We live together, go to the same hospitals, schools, markets, play fields and we all suffer power blackouts together.
We all drive on poorly build roads together, and we all suffer the high costs of fuel as a people.
We all suffer the ignominy of being Kenyans at a time a few people are embroiled in dreams that will never be realized.
In conclusion, I want to be categorical that the following should have been the foundations upon which Vision 2030 would have been anchored;
  1. Education;  Without quality education, we cannot have the human resource to dream for a better Kenya.
  2. Roads/Infrastructure; Without quality roads, we cannot access the markets and move as efficiently as we want.
  3. Health Care; Without an affordable and accessible Health Care for all, we are the poorer as a Nation.
  4. Shelter; We need adequate and affordable shelter for our people. As it is, housing has become one area of real irritation to many Kenyans. The housing sector has been left to jackals.
  5. Lethargy; We must move from transferring inept and lethargic Public Servants from one station to another. They should be fired in public interest and sent home without any benefits.
With this done, it is my firm conviction that the Vision 2030 Dream is a good academic theory best placed at the Universities for instructions on how not to achieve it.
A walk around Kenya will tell you that we are better off addressing the immediate challenges of our Nation and lay a firm foundation upon which a clear dream can be built, for this is the State of our Nation.

Odhiambo T Oketch
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Road Engineers are a shame to Kenya Part 2

Herr Ezekiel,
You have raised the levels on this debate to acceptable standards. This is what we really want at The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC- www.kcdnkenya.org.
I want to start by agreeing with you on the aspect of maintenance. Those who are employed to do this are sleeping on the job. We have Provincial and District Road Engineers across all Kenya, and they are Engineers. They are a shame to all Road Engineers.
Secondly, what is the scientific wisdom that makes one build a Road that develops cracks and holes two months after Commissioning? I pointed out to Roads that were built in Europe in the 1930's as still being strong as they were built. What makes ours wear out withing two Months of completion?
Thirdly, and I want an honest opinion here; are our Road Engineers happy with their Professional Competence in Kenya? Are they happy with the standards of Roads they are building for us? A drive around all our Roads reveal the kind of scientific incompetence we are referring to. We do not have any single Road with a smooth continuous stretch of 50 meters! Just take a drive anywhere across Kenya and you will confirm this.
Does this tell us anything about the Professionalism or lack of it of these chaps?
Fourthly, the science of Road building involves a few things and I want to look at some;
  1. Topographical Sampling; I want to believe that before any Road is constructed, the soil samples for the earmarked area must be taken and studied. I have two clear cases I want to make reference to in this piece; 1; From Timboroa towards Burnt Forest, we have a section that makes you very sick. There are no cracks and no pot-holes. But the Road has developed bumps- very unpleasant bumps. One is tempted to ask; Who built this Road? Was he a Roads Engineers or was he a Brewer? Secondly, Mai Mahiu Road has just been opened after being closed for about 5 Days because the Road developed cracks and the sides were washed off. Now, as you build a Road, is there need to take care of such cases; Drainages. Most of our Roads are built without any consideration of such a basic necessity for any Road; Drainage. This again begs the question; Was this Road designed by a Roads Engineer or by a Brewer?
  2. Design; All Roads are designed after careful studies. During the Design stages, I want to believe that some little thinking is involved. Because you are an Engineer, and even in Brewing, some thinking is involved, you look at what course the Road will take. You look at the soil situation, the gradient levels, the hills, the rivers and all. You then come up with a Design that meets the levels of your trained competence. Now, going by some of the Road Designs we have seen, can you be convinced that someone applied some level of thinking in coming up with those Designs? Some Designs leave some of us bewildered. It makes us ask, was this the works of a Road Engineer or a Brewer?
  3. Drainage System; Drainage is a must component in any Road Construction. In our Lay World, we all know that Tarmac and Water are never the best of friends. And this is why in any meaningful Road Construction, the first things they work to put in place are the Drainage Systems. But take a walk across Kenya and report back to us which Road in Kenya has a functional Drainage System. Whenever it drizzles in Nairobi, you are on your own. Now, when it rains, all come to a stand still, because of the incompetence of these rudderless people calling themselves Road Engineers. In fact, they must never talk where we are! You cannot build a Road without building a functional Drainage System. Take a keen look at what our Road Engineers build for Drainage and you will laugh all the way to the Bar for a cold Guinness. They are open ended things heading nowhere. When it rains, they drain all the water onto the Road. And they call themselves Road Engineers these Brewers
  4. Size and width; When constructing a Road, I want to believe that the size and width of the said Road is very important.I want to ask, what is this scientific wisdom of building very narrow Roads for us. I have had to come to a complete stop in some sections of our Roads when a Trailer is approaching. I am not the only one who suffers this. Many who have failed to stop have ended in the Mortuaries- courtesy of the Professional Incompetence of these our Road Engineers. If it is a question of resources, then where is your professional training? You must tell the bureaucrat that I need this much for this far and you stand to your Professional standards. Have you ever heard any Road Engineer complain of under funding? Have you ever heard even their Professional Association, if they have any, stand up for this demand?  I have never heard. They are complicit to the mass murder of Kenyans in our Roads.
  5. Durability; We have what we call Strength of Materials and all those technical jargons you bury your head into before you qualify as a Roads Engineer. When you are in an Engineering Class, you are taught that what you develop must be durable, and in most cases, some specific periods are given to this. When you build a Road, it should last for some given period before you start the routine maintenance on it. This is what we call durability. I want to ask our Road Engineers, and their Professional Association if they have any, do you have a time line for the Poor Roads you build for us in Kenya? Why must we be perpetually on a building mode for our Roads? If it is not the rains that are spoiling our Roads, it is the Trailers. If it is not our Buses spoiling our Roads, it is our small cars. It is surprising that even light track users like Bicycles are also spoiling our Roads! Now with vast resources being channeled to our Incompetent Road Engineers every Year, can we achieve our Visionless 2030? We must be realistic. We cannot be on a permanent Road Construction Mode on the same Roads every 2 years, yet, we have a lot of catch up to do.
  6. Axel Load and Road Weight; Roads are built to take some given weight, and on this, as rudderless and incompetent as our Road Engineers are, they will shake their incompetence to the bureaucrat. They will build poor Roads and blame the enforcing agencies for allowing over weight vehicles on the Roads. This is defeatist and escapist.
  7. Consumer/User Considerations; For every Professional Undertaking, we have consumer or user considerations. This is why the Doctors have compassion on their patients, and this is why Lawyers, as bad as they are, offer Pro-Borno services to some clients. Now, as you build any Road, you must envision who will use the said Road and how. Are you designing a death trap for your consumers, in this case the Road users? Or, are you designing what will develop a crack and potholes as soon as it is Commissioned.
There are several issues that I may want to raise to justify why these creed of people should be banned in Kenya and taken to Siberia. Times have come when Road Engineers must start to behave like Form Ones, only to be seen and never heard.
In the new dispensation where we will be Staying with the issues, we want to keep the heat on any Professional negligence in Kenya. And our Road Engineers must shape up or ship out, for this is the State of our Nation.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

Friday, May 18, 2012

Launch of The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict

The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict was officially launched today at the Freedom Corner by Justice Njoki Ndun'gu- a Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya in an event that was graced by The Finnish Ambassador to Kenya, the Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of Spain, the Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Consellor from the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Cultural Cooperation Assistant from the Embajada De Espana, Ms Yuu Htun, the Coordinator of the Campaign, Mr. Maina Kiai- United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peacful assembly and of association, Mr. Eric Kiraithe- the Police Spokesman, Judge Effie Owuor, the Green Belt Movement Board members, several organizations and people who believe in this campaign.
Hon Justice Njoki Ndung'u addressing the gathering. Seated from L-R front row; Odhiambo T Oketch, Mr. Eric Kiraithe, Ms Yee Htun, Msrs Kamua- Board Member GBM, Her Excellency Ms Sofie From- Emmesberger- Ambassador Embassy of Finland
The Launch was preceded by a Walk across Kenyatta Avenue, Moi Avenue, City Hall Way, Wabera Street and back to Freedom Corner. Mr. ben Muchemi did a rally stunt along Kenyatta Avenue to the delight of many people who had gathered to watch the procession. This was a powerful message to the campaign- we must move with speed to address the issues of Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, and at the same time, we must have the sharp rally brakes to bring the same issues to an end.
 For most of the photos, please visit our Facebook Page; Odhiambo T Oketch

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Road Engineers are a shame to Kenyans

At 9.00am today, we will be joining with the Nobel Women Initiative, the Green Belt Movement and all friends who believe in humanity to launch the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict at the Freedom Corner.
The Panel during the Launch- L_R; Ms Lillian Mwaura, Odhiambo T Oketch, Yee Htun- The International Coordinator of the Campaign, Kennedy Otina, Rachel Muthoga and Prof Karanga
As we call on men to action, we at The Clean Kenya Campaign-TCKC are happy with three quick wins we have scored in the recent past. First, on Sunday the 13th May 2012, we exposed the rot on Spine Road along Umoja, Kayole and Komarock Estates. We are happy that the Kenya Urban Roads Authority has moved with speed to level the said roads.
The quality of work is poor, and I am coming back to this shortly.
Secondly, we had called on our aspiring political leaders to address issues instead of personalities. We are happy that at long last, we are seeing this from many of this lot. If they go on like this, addressing issues, we will move forward in the right direction.
Thirdly, we had called for action on political leaders who have moved parties without being faithful to The Political Parties Act. We are happy that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and many more politicians have also voiced this concern, and at least, some action has been initiated. We are keenly watching.
However, we are still not happy with the mandarins at City Hole of Nairobi, whose recent Eyesore Certification caused ripples. We are demanding for action from City Hall. A Clean City is the Minimum we want.
We are also still not happy with some bloggers who have no issues to discuss. They are only discussing Raila Odinga, Musdalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta and these other mortals. We want to believe that the levels of debates in our blogs will move from such simple pedestals.

Now, back to our Road Engineers.
On Sunday the 13th May 2012, this was Spine Road;
Then on Wednesday the 16th May 2012, this was the improvement;
This improvement made my colleagues and I start an argument about the quality and professional competence of our Road Engineers in Kenya. Our verdict was quick and simple; They are Incompetent.
In Germany, roads that were build by Herr Otto Van Bismirch in the 1830s are still as strong as they were then. They have never cracked and they have never been repaired.
But Roads build by our breed of incompetent Road Engineers in Kenya often crack and develop potholes even before being commissioned.
Why are we in the business of building poor roads all over?
Just take a drive around Kenya and you will see the poor state in which most of our roads are. No road lasts for one year. Every Year during the rains, we must develop some excuse for building new roads again.
With this kind of incompetence, we can never achieve the much talked about Visionless 2030.
As we join hands in launching The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, let us also reflect on the quality of Road Engineers we produce from our Universities. The current lot are a shame to Kenyans and this is the State of our Nation.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where is the CID?

Cases where Kenyans are gunned down either by the Police or by the thugs or vide the mob justice are scenes that are really disturbing.
When we reach these levels, it is a clear manifestation of our systemic failures. It is cannon fodder for the Human Rights Activists and it paints our dear Motherland in bad light across the World. Besides, it paints our Police Force as inept.
When I was growing up, I used to read the Nancy Drew Investigation series and they were a real classic. It made some of us be proud of the power of investigations and under cover operations that lead to unearthing crime. I hence grew up in revere of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Force. I believed that in this Department, we had hard nosed men and women whose forte was Crime Investigation, and they left no stone unturned.
Nancy Drew cracked all cases and she brought all crooks to face justice. She made the work of being an under cover crime investigator lively and respectable. But in Kenya, I am tempted to ask, where is the CID?
No one has ever been help culpable for such crimes against Kenyans
But then, I want us to take this Journey of Hope across Kenya as a team and look at how we have eroded the quality and powers of our own CID to an extent that we have rendered them almost extinct and redundant.
What is the CID supposed to do?
First, our very own politicians, men and women whom we elect every 5 years so dutifully stand accused for killing the Criminal Investigation Department. Our politicians have perfected the art of stealing and cleaning their trails. To ensure that nothing happens to them and their cronies, they started by creating an amorphous entity called the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to do exactly what the CID was doing.
Whilst the CID had the powers to investigate and prosecute, our politicians created the KACC and denied them the powers to prosecute. It simply meant that all cases such investigated ended up gathering dust in some shelve.
They then seconded Police Officers to KACC, paid them so handsomely to cover their backs and posted a civilian to lord over KACC. The plot was so simple. Employ a civilian to head the KACC, pay him so handsomely, and set him on a wild goose chase. He would end up in circles taking about how Criminal Investigation and Corruption Fights are difficult. They would endlessly sing about how corruption fights back, and yet, the CID who could act, are staved of funds.
Cases which the CID could crack with ease were then for some convenient reasons refered to KACC, an entity without prosecutorial powers! That is how conniving our politicians are.
Our politicians knew that with the powers to investigate and prosecute, the CID was standing badly on their way to the National Coffers. They had to do something and do it quick.
Setting the KACC was not enough for them. They went ahead and created another amorphous entity called Efficiency Monitoring Unit. Pray, what is this body supposed to do? Do they have powers to prosecute? No. Then, why was it created?
Again, the answer is simple; create as many investigating agencies and create confusion on what roles each has to do. When caught with their hands in the till, the politicians would rather they are investigated by these two bodies whose constitutional underpinning is suspect and a safe landing for the thieves, criminals and the corrupt.
Our politicians know how tough the CID can be. They hence denied them funds, created amorphous entities that could protect their thieving ways. Having created these two bodies, it was all systems go for the politicians and their cronies. They then engaged in crimes of immense magnitude against our Motherland, crimes which have not been cracked despite the overwhelming evidence. Look at the Goldenberg Scandals, the Anglo Leasing Scandals, the Maize Scandals, the Triton Oil Scandals, the Mathematics Issues at the Ministry of Education- the Free Primary Education Scandals, the Kenya Pipeline Scandals, the Water for all by the year 2000 Scandals, the Roads Scandals, and the list is long.
These scandals have not been cracked because our politicians are involved and they set the rules to play the games themselves.
And in cases that have been properly and conclusively investigated by these plaint bodies- the KACC and the EMU, because they have no powers to prosecute, the cases are forwarded to a plaint Attorney General and a plaint Director of Public Prosecution, who end up protecting their jobs than acting on the cases.
Why is it that the same politicians are the same people who must vet the person appointed to be the Attorney General or the Director of Public Prosecution?
This is food for thought for Kenyans as we move into the future. Why must our politicians set the rules, appoint the players, referee the process, pass verdict and give the final recommendations? Can they be fair to themselves?
Have you looked at how the Motions of No Confidence in Parliament have become gravy trains for a few MPs? They have perfected the act of extortion by threatening every so often to move a Motion of No Confidence against Ministers just as a means to extorting money. If you pay, the motions are dropped or crafted in a manner that achieves no intended results. If you do not, they will sing Kimunya must Go.
It is sad that our CID have been denied funding at a time we are ably funding amorphous entities without prosecutorial powers.
It is sad that our CID have been denied adequate shelter at a time we are giving handsome house allowances to employees of these amorphous entities without prosecutorial powers.
It is sad that we pay our CID Officers peanuts at a time we are paying these rudderless civilians running these amorphous entities so handsomely.
Lastly, to help confuse the process some more, a few of us who know very little are kept on the blogs daily discussing personalities at a time the same personalities are presiding over the looting of our Nation. We must wake up and face the realities of our times, for this is the State of our Nation.

Odhiambo T Oketch
Executive Director
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC

Small minds discuss people. Simple minds discuss events, while, Great minds discuss ideas- Staying with the Issues.

The Team at TCKC

Welcome to The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC.
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC was officially launched by Dr Alice Kaudia- Environment Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources on the 15th May 2012 in a function that was well attended and ably moderated by Mr. Emmanuel Dennis.
Dr Kaudia offically launching The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC yesterday the 15th May 2012
TCKC is the successor to the Komarocks Community Development Network- KCDN, the prime movers of The Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign across Kenya.
TCKC retains the mobilization and organizational capacity of KCDN and weaves this with the technical strengths from Vugu Vugu Mashinani and the National Youth Sector Alliance to form one solid Campaign that will address more forcefully the challenges and successes associated with our Three Core Thematic Areas namely;
  1. Environmental Management,
  2. Peace Building, and
  3. Good Governance.
The Launch Team being taken through what ails Kenya
TCKC will be robust, friendly but very firm in addressing the said thematic areas. We will seek structured partnerships with all the Friends of KCDN, VVM and the NYSA as we create more Friends for TCKC. We will move with speed to consolidate structured partnerships with the People of Kenya, the Government of Kenya, the Corporates, the Donor Community and all People and Institutions of Goodwill across the World as we remain loyal to Kenya- our Motherland.
TCKC will not be aligned to any political persuasion, thinking or party, tribal loyalties, religious groupings nor any race. We will only align ourselves to the Constitution of Kenya and to the people of Kenya and to our Friends.
As we open a new page in our lives, it is my humble duty to present to you the Team at The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC;
The TCKC Team from L-R; Mr. Otieno Sungu, Odhiambo T Oketch, Mr. Arthur Achola, Ms Betty Sharon, Mr. Andrew Keyondi, Ms Violette Wambua, Ms Sylia Nyamboto and Mr. Emmanuel Dennis during the launch- 15th May 2012
a] Board of Trustees;
  1. Dr Abraham K Sing'oei. Dr Sing'oei is the Chair to the Board of Trustees. He is a Lawyer and an Adviser at the USAID
  2. Mr. Rashid Juma. Mr. Juma is a Media and Public Relations guru and is the Managing Director at Mugumo Communications Ltd.
  3. Ms Irene Wasike. Ms Wasike is a Banker and is currently a Regional Manager with Barclays Bank of Kenya.
  4. Mr. Lameck Siage. Mr. Siage is a Governance Expert currently working with the European Union in Abuja Nigeria.
  5. Ms Brigitte Frey. Ms Frey is a Swiss National and is the Founder and CEO of A Better World
  6. Mr. Rashmin Chitnis. Mr. Chitnis is an Architect and is the Secretary General of the Hindu Council of Kenya.
  7. Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch. Mr. Odhiambo is the Founder CEO of The Komarocks Community Development Network- KCDN, the precursor to The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC. He is a Marketer by profession and has been the Chairman to the City Council of Nairobi Stakeholders Evaluation Team.
M.r Odhiambo T Oketch- The Executive Director TCKCb] Board Members;
  1.  Chairman- Mr. Elijah Agevi. Mr. Agevi is a Development and Planning Specialist and is the CEO at Research Triangle Africa. He has been a Lecturer at the University of Nairobi for several years and a Special Adviser to the Safer Cities Programmes at UN-Habitat.
  2. Vice Chairman- Mr. David Busienei. Mr. Busienei is an Accountant by profession and is the Secretary General at the Centre for Community Dialogue and Development.
  3. Secretary- Mr. Otieno R Sungu. Mr. Sungu is a trained Teacher and has worked in Southern Sudan as a Special Adviser to the Southern Sudan Government on secondment from USAID. He is the National Chairman of Vugu Vugu Mashinani- a grassroots movemnet for all those who want to Stay with the Issues.
  4. Vice Secretary- Ms Florence Kanyua. Ms Kanyua has been part of the KCDN Team from inception.
  5. Treasurer- Ms Dorcus A Alooh. Ms Alooh is a Trained Accounts and Management Consultant.
  6. Vice Treasurer- Mr. Samuel Wangatia. Mr. Wangatia is an Auditor with Delloite & Touch Audit Firm.
  7. Organizing Secretary- Ms Winfred Nyambura. Ms Nyambura is a Marketer and an Administrator with a reputable Insurance Company in Nairobi.
  8. Vice Organizing Secretary- Mr. Arthur Achola. Mr. Achola is a Water Specialist and has been a key mover in the Consumer Industry with vast experiences having worked in Sweden, South Africa and Southern Sudan.
  9. Executive Director- Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch.
Mr. Otieno R Sungu- The Programmes Manager TCKC
c] Executive Management Team;
  1. Executive Director- Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch
  2. Programmes Manager- Mr. Otieno R Sungu
  3. Finance and Administration Manager- Ms Catherine Njiiri
  4. Human Resources, Communication and Logistics Manager- Ms. Violette Wambua
  5. Office Administrator- to be employed shortly
  6. Driver and Logistical Support- Mr. Andrew Keyondi
d] Strategic and Advisory Committee;
  1.  Chairman- Mr. Emmanuel Dennis. Mr. Dennis is a prolific organizer and an ardent fighter for the rights and economic emancipation for the youth of Kenya. He is the National Coordinator of the National Youth Sector Alliance in Kenya.
  2. Vice Chairman- Mr. Arthur Achola.
  3. Secretary- Ms Winfred Nyambura
Co opted Members to the Strategic and Advisory Committee;
  1. Ms Betty Sharon- CEO Coast Women in Development
  2. Mr. Mohamed Ali- Chairman Eldoret Green Town Initiative
  3. Mr. Ben McAlaka- Chairman CBO Network Western Region
Ms Betty Sharon- The Coopted Member- Strategic and Advisory Commitee TCKC
We will Co opt more members as necessarily advised by The Strategic and Advisory Committee.
 Lastly, we have developed new structures that will strengthen our administration and outreach programmes, and now, we are set to scale new heights.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC,
Tel; 0724 365 557,
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org 
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dereliction of Duty- Action Time

We will be launching The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC on the 15th May 2012.
And today in the morning, the 13th Day of May 2012, together with Migosi Otieno Sungu, we went on a Comprehensive Journey of Confirmation across Nairobi and this is what we saw;
Friends, someone is sleeping on his/her public responsibilities to the People of Kenya and as we launch The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC, on Tuesday, we will be putting such lethargic Public Officers on Notice.
Your time is up. You must shape up or ship out.

Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC
Tel; 0724 365 557

Friday, May 11, 2012

Launch of The Clean Kenya Campaign

We will be launching The Clean Kenya Campaign on the 15th May 2012 at the Laico Regency in Nairobi at 7.00pm, and we will unveil the Great Team of Kenyans behind this Transformative Agenda for our Motherland where we will be Staying with the Issues.
We have redifined the Concept of The Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign and infused serious thinking into it. This is a process that we started late last Year when we started developing a Comprehensive Environmental Management Strategic Plan that infuses the Environmental Management Component into Peace Building and Governance Issu
If you may want to be part of this Initiative, please call our Organizing Secretary on 0721 205 602 . And if you want to be our Partner in this Journey of Hope across Kenya, you are welcome.
This Initiative has united Kenyans from across our Country and we do not have any political inclination. We will not discriminate on the basis of Tribe, Colour, Religion, Region nor Creed.
This will be a Campaign by Kenyans, for Kenyans and in Kenya. 
Still, you may get in touch with me.
Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign,
Tel 0724 365 557
Website; www.kcdnkenya.org
Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.blogspot.com/

Monday, May 7, 2012

Raila Odinga is not what ails Kenya

I want to take on an emotive subject today and I am doing this in the full knowledge that The Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga invites emotive support and emotive revulsion at the same time.
From the words of the Late VP Kijana Wamalwa, people who love him do so with some godly passion, and people who hate him also do so with some godly passion.
In the recent past, we have seen Raila Odinga being the centre of attention of any democratic pretender.
All those who defect from their parties sight Raila Odinga as the prime course of what they are doing.
All those who want to be Presidents, want to do so because Raila must not be the President.
And the script is not just left to the political class, we have many bloggers who cannot sleep unless they write something in support or against the man.
Now, I want to invite Kenyans to walk with me through this torturous journey that is Kenya. We have myriads of problems that we ought to sort out and in my view, the things that ail Kenya could be, and not limited to the following issues;
  1. Food Security; I bet the cost of food is becoming fairly too much for Kenyans. From milk, bread, sugar, onions, tomatoes, unga, chapo, sukuma wiki and all the household staples are expensive. I want a leader who will address this issue.
  2. Shelter; Housing in most of our urban centres has become very expensive, and I bet Kenyans need a leader who can address the need for affordable and adequate housing.
  3. Education; Our system of education is in a shambles to an extent that parents do not know what their children are being instructed on. I bet we need a leader who can sort our mess in the education sector and assure us of quality and affordable education.
  4. Medical Health Care; The cost of medication has become practically out of reach for many Kenyans to an extent that even our political leaders fly out of Kenya to seek treatment for simple cases such as flu. I want a leader who will fix the mess in our medical system and assure Kenyans of quality and available medical care for all.
  5. Corruption; Corruption in Kenya has reached an alarming proportion. Our leaders have learnt the art of eating with no crumbs falling down. They eat clean and wipe their mouths as if nothing has happened. You only realize of this two years down the line when the scum is unearthed. I bet we need a leader who can rein in on corruption.
  6. Nepotism; It has become fashionable to toy with the words merit and professionalism whenever cases of nepotism in public appointments are pointed out. My question is, is merit and professionalism so confined to only a select few amongst us? I want a leader who can see in all Kenyans merit and professionalism.
  7. Unity;Kenyans truly love each other and this can be attested to by how we stay together in our Estates, eat together, play together, pray together and all that. I need a leader who will work for this unity of purposes in diversity amongst Kenyans.
  8. Fuel; The cost of fuel has been skyrocketing at an alarming rate. With this, the costs of productions, transport and everything goes up. I want a leader who will not use fuel and its shortage to create a crisis for Kenyans.
  9. Transport system; Our transport system is in shambles. Driving to work is hell on earth in Nairobi. Our roads are patch works that defy the meaning of roads. And yet, we are surcharged heavily on Fuel Levy to maintain our roads. I want a leader who will ensure Kenyans have quality works for our money, one who will ensure that the gridlocks we are saddled with in Nairobi are sorted out.
  10. Discipline; We are lacking in discipline across many spheres in Kenya. The Police Force is not disciplined, they have refused to enforce the law. The matatu drivers are not disciplined in our roads, They disobey traffic rules with complete abandon. Our Judges and Magistrates are not disciplined- they dispense justice in a many that does not respect the law. And we have several such cases that we can point out. I want a leader who can enforce discipline on us.
  11. Security; Kenyans across the country are leaving in fear- fear of the police, fear of the thug, fear of the politician, fear of the Judge, fear. We have become so fearful because of insecurity across Kenya. I want a leader who will deal with security issues and assure Kenyans that we are safe in our Motherland.
  12. Constitution; Lastly, I want a leader who will implement the Constitution.
These are some of the things I might want to listen to from anyone who wants to lead Kenya. I want to believe that we have become so smart in Kenya to an extent that when the whistle is blown and we are called to elect new leaders, we will go for leaders who address issues that we feel will move Kenya forward.
Not leaders who have made Raila Odinga their punching bags.

Odhiambo T Oketch
Komarock Nairobi

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Incompetent Professionals

As we approach our 50th Year of Independence, a few things are not adding up.
First, the Executive Wing of our Government is blowing hot and cold at the same time. We are seeing great Transformation in many sectors of our lives and at the same time, Mega Scandals are ever cropping up. Roads are being expanded in some regions of Kenya at a time, the main artillery to Western Kenya looks like a forgotten case.
A drive from Nairobi to Kisumu is as sweet till you branch at the Mau Summit Junction. The moment the front wheels hit the Junction, you are in another Kenya. The Road is Hell on Earth- Hellon, till you reach Kisumu. For the last 10 Years, this road has been on a permanent mode of Repair. It makes me ask, why are the People of this region being such punished, or, do we not buy fuel across Kenya just like the rest of Kenyans do?
The rains have been with us for just about a week, and the kind of havoc it has created across Kenya makes me ask; How competent are our Road Engineers?
I ask this because, many roads have developed insurmountable craters and they have become a sure death trap for many innocent Kenyan Taxpayers. Across the whole Country, drainage systems are not there, not that they have collapsed. They have never been built, and for the ones that have been built, there is no professional input.
Just drive around Umoja around Mutindwa as you head to Donholm. You will see some neat works by the road sides. The neat works are meant to be a drainage system. Follow the works closely and you will see that this was a process simply meant to consume some money. The drainage is heading nowhere. Yet, some tidy some of money seems to have been spent on this project.
The same applies almost across the whole Country.
I want to ask; How competent are our Road Engineers?
Then look at the Water sector. We have enough water now, all over the Country. And all this water is heading to the Lake or to the Ocean. Our Hydro Dams are full now, and water is freely flowing to the Ocean. But soon and very soon, we will be told that Power is being Rationed because the Water levels in our Hydro Dams are low. 
Now, I want to ask; How competent are our Water and Engineers?
Most parts of Kenya have no water and even in Nairobi, our Water Taps have been so dry for as long as I can remember. What happened to Professionalism and what happened to the well known promise of Water for all by the Year 2000?
This Professional Incompetence seems to be replicated across almost all the Professions in Kenya. Look at the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. We have been saddled with persistent power brakedowns across Kenya and the worst was when our President His Excellency Mwai Kibaki suffered two major power breakdowns at KICC as he was giving his speech. In Ruai area in Nairobi, the residents have made enough complaints to Kenya Power, complaints that seem never to bother the power barons at KPLC. I bet someone is sleeping on his job at a time when we have many young Kenyans who are able and willing to drive Kenya to success.
I want to again ask; How competent are our Engineers at KPLC?
Lastly, I want to raise issues with our Environment Experts who have been employed at the various Local Authorities and at the Ministry of Environment. It looks like making Kenya clean is something simply beyond their reach. They have the knowledge- or so do I assume, unless the Degrees are fake, and they have the resources and they have the general goodwill from Kenyans. What is holding them back?
I took these two pictures this morning at the Bus Stage behind Tusker and off Ronald Ngala Street at Mfangano Lane, in the heart of Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya;

And I want to ask;  How competent are our Environment Experts?
Time has come when Kenyans will now be moving to court to have these Incompetent Professionals surcharged for dereliction of duty at a time we are paying them to ensure we are well served as a Country. We all have a right to drive in good roads. We all have a Constitutional Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment. And we have tasked some people to deliver on these at a Monthly Salary plus generous allowances. It is time they shaped up or shipped out. The law is so clear.
Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Kenya Campaign,
Tel; 0724 365 557.